Levity Shawl

I’ve been hard at work on my Levity Shawl and I am soooo enjoying the knitted on border. My old handspun is stunning in this capacity and I can’t stop spreading the shawl out and taking another peek at it!


If I had to guess, I am about halfway through the border at this point. I can’t seem to put it down at all. Except of course when I am busy doing wedding-related prep. But, I mean, I could have cast on something new but that just isn’t going to happen!

More prep is happening anyhow. Last evening Miss Butterfly and I took the time to wash the front windows and to wash Lizzie. She needed a bath big time. But, we’ve been putting it off to push it closer to when we have company in the house. Speaking of dogs, want to see some very happy dogs?


Here we are at the dog park. We stayed a looooong time on Sunday. The weather was pleasant and sunny and the dogs were taking a quick break here before heading back into the insanity. There were some great highlights of the day. A one year old frenchie who could almost keep up with Rose. Anyone who has seen Rose run will know that’s really amazing. I’ve never seen any type of bulldog run so fast! That little dog was all in when it comes to play as well, just playing with Rose at her level even though he was a fraction of her size. So cute. The other highlight was a blue heeler who decided she really must be in a mud pit. She got in there, laid down, and squished her body all around in the mud. She was clearly loving it, and as such, other dogs thought maybe they wanted to get in on this action. This led to all humans who didn’t have dogs involved laughing uproariously while the ones who had dogs threatening to get in that mud pit began yelling at their dogs in a panic. That blue heeler would go to her owner when called but as soon as he’d turn his back, she’d get right back in the mud pit much to the amusement of everyone watching.

It’s clear that the humans and the dogs are all enjoying the milder weather. There were so many dog park participants and it seemed like everyone was in a fantastic mood. So much fun!

5 thoughts on “Levity Shawl

    • Not my girls! Though likely only because they were distracted elsewhere in the very large park. Both of them love getting muddy and messy. Though I’ve never seen either of them lay down and squish around in it.

      Rose is happy to not have snow. With Lizzie, it’s hard to tell. She sat on and rolled on the very last two snow piles in the yard every time we went outside until they were truly gone. She’s a serious snow dog.

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