April Beauty Balance Part 1

Let’s state right up front that I did something crazy and a little panic induced. The wedding is in just over 2 weeks and I still haven’t nailed down “The perfect lipstick.” Part of me says I probably need to let that go, to begin with. The other part of me is the one where I decided that I love ofra’s liquid lipstick formula and bought two collections, giving me 7 nude colors to try from. It’s my last ditch attempt to figure out what to wear for the wedding and it had better work. I can tell you this, I will not be purchasing more. Something in this group needs to work for me or I need to revisit my current collection and call it done.


Now that this explanation is out of the way, let’s move on. First of all, our products out category was up by 14 at the end of March. But, I’ve got 7 new lip products so that number is now down to 7.

Here are the other things which I picked up:



I purchased the elf lip exfoliator as a replacement for one I just finished. I also brought in a shampoo to try because I am completely out.

The next two things I got half price. Now, the white peach eyeshadow palette I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I knew I’d get it if it went half price. I know it doesn’t have the most fantastic ratings out there, but neither did boudoir eyes and I use that palette all the time! Its colors are so soft, so work appropriate (not that I regularly concern myself with that) and so gentle when I want a subtle look. I adore my sweet peach palette and I absolutely want to get just peachy mattes if it ever goes half price. The other item is simply a bite beauty lip pencil. At half price, I decided it was time to give that a try as well.

Naturally, a few samples followed along, a fact I am not the least bit upset about. So, that’s another 7 items in. That breaks me even again.


But, I do have a few things leaving my collection:


As I mentioned, I am out of elf lip exfoliator. The empty is pictured here. I also am out of my morphe brush cleaner. I will absolutely not repurchase this. I didn’t like it, it doesn’t smell great, and my dr. bronners works so well that I’ll be sticking with that from now on. I gave this sample of lipstick transformer to Miss Butterfly, as I really don’t care one bit to use it. I’ve had it for over a year and I haven’t used it and I don’t plan to. So, 3 items up again.

21 days of beauty has been going on, a fact I had not anticipated happening in March/April. I’ve done pretty well though. Every single time I think “Oh that’s a SUPER deal on something I will REALLY use!” I look at how long it will take me to use similar items in my collection. When the answer is basically an entire year, I stand down. For instance, I gave Miss Butterfly my butter bronzer. But then my immediate instinct was to replace it. In my head, I thought “But, I don’t have another shimmery bronzer. Except the hourglass one in a palette. Oh, and also the one that is in my magnetic palette.” And that’s when I realized I was being ridiculous. I do have the same category in my stash so I don’t have to replace it. And if it served such a special place in my collection that I needed to replace it immediately, I shouldn’t have given it away in the first place. So, instead, I am planning to use my other shimmery bronzers and not replace the butter bronzer until those are used up. That could take me a year or more. At that time I’ll evaluate what I’d like to replace that item in my collection with, and it may not be butter bronzer in the first place.

All this is to say that 21 days of beauty is quickly coming to a close but I am planning to pick up a brow gel on Saturday. That’s all I am getting from the sale. But I’ve still got Boxycharm coming in. And I do need a hairspray.  And from then on? I’ll be on a replacements only low buy, with the exclusion of eyeshadows and colorful eyeliners. And perfume. Maybe. Well, no perfume until I move through all my little samples which tend to keep arriving. But, the point being that what leaves my collection should far exceed what enters it after this month.

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