Knitting Related

It’s often so much easier to figure out what to post regarding beauty these days. But I do knit, even though it’s lessened somewhat this season. Anyhow, I finished up a honey cowl out of handspun yarn. This is the project I finished to give to Miss Marja’s mother for allowing us to use her home to get ready in less than 2 weeks from today.


It’s a really nice pattern and yarn pairing, I really love it! The colors are so beautiful and intense.

We’ve been hard at work getting the house prepared for company. I love to do a deep clean before we have visitors. Well, I love to do a deep clean full stop. But, having visitors makes it all the more enjoyable. Miss Butterfly and I deep cleaned the dining room yesterday. Mr. Ink went out shopping. He bought a suit for the wedding, finally. He also bought a new rug.


During the time which we attempted to allow Rose to be out of her kennel but contained to one room, she shredded the rug in Mr. Ink’s den. The den was on the list of places that needed a deep cleaning but it is technically Mr. Ink’s responsibility. That being said, the shredded carpet pieces have been migrating all over the house. So, as soon as that new rug arrived, Miss Butterfly and I tore up the den to remove the old carpet and then did a bunch of work on the floor and edges. There’s still cleaning to be done in there but we are pleased with the progress we made. This morning Rose decided to go grab herself a rag to shred rather than shred the carpet, so that’s a win.

Rose has been doing far better in her kennel with the new set up. She happily runs in there to eat, she goes in there just to check it out, and she’s most insistent that Lizzie doesn’t go anywhere near her kennel. This is good, it’s major progress. We had one drooling day while we were gone but overall she’s far better adjusted to it than she had been.

More dog stuff, Rose and Lizzie have been playing lots of hide and seek with Miss Butterfly. They love it, and Rose is now the clear winner. Her thoughtful intelligent nature paired with her nose finds Miss Butterfly far faster than Lizzie’s over the top flying through the rooms seeking but often overlooking Miss Butterfly because she’s moving too fast nature.

Today we are hoping to get the living room deep cleaned and rearranged. It’s the largest space in the house with the most surfaces to dust and clean and it can be a real pain in the butt. That being said, it’ll feel much better when it is done. We will rearrange the furniture to work better for lots of guests since we need to gather as much space as possible for the upcoming event. I had really wanted the bathrooms deep cleaned today as well, but we’ll see how we go.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Related

  1. Too funny at the girls all playing hide and seek together! Glad Rose is calming down a bit, and that she created the need for a new rug for the den. 🤪.

    The cowl is really bright and pretty! She’s going to love it.

    Two weeks! Time flies!

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