April Beauty Balance

As anticipated, Miss Butterfly and I went shopping on Saturday. I had been seeing if I could find something I wanted to wear to our rehearsal dinner. It’s not an emergency, I am sure I could find something in my closet to wear. But we thought we’d give it a try. We completely struck out. But, we did manage to pick up that which I wanted to get at ulta.


I am a few uses away from being finished with my night cream. I wanted a less expensive alternative so I am giving the cerave a try. I need a hairspray in my life, so I got one of those. And, I picked up shade 1 and shade 3 of gimme brow. I wasn’t sure which would be best, but figured that shade 1, if it didn’t work for me, would work for Miss Butterfly. I have decided that a brow gel really is my absolute favorite way of doing my brows and I’ll move to that exclusively once I’ve used up all other brow products in my collection.

I was three items up in the products leaving category from last post. This is 4 items in, so I need to make that up.


Here’s what I’ve gotten finished since last beauty balance post. One Brigeo deep conditioning mask which I used as a regular hair conditioner, one lush superbalm scalp treatment which I will likely replace in the near future, and one sample size of Viktor and Rolf flower bomb nectar which I LOVED.

That puts us at two items leaving my collection over what has entered it this month. I know I’ve got more that are pretty close to being done as well. Despite the large amount of lip items that I purchased, this month is still shaping up to be a good one for finishing products.

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