Another Finished Object

This weekend was a two finished object weekend, which is really fun when I have tended to feel like I am not getting very far with knitting due to time constraints.


This is the Levity Shawl and it is done! It is such a pretty piece and I enjoyed knitting immensely. The handspun yarn looks as good as I imagined. And with this finished object, I have made it to 43% of my yearly goal. This was also some of the oldest handspun in my stash so it was fun to get it used up and moved out of the yarn stash, as is another goal of mine this year.

Speaking of which-I am now at 110 yarns in stash so also well on my way to my goal of getting this number under 100 this year. I began two new projects over the weekend, one intended for my lunch breaks at work, and another intended to be nice and mindless for the upcoming couple of weeks. I’ll show those off shortly.

Miss Butterfly and I worked very hard over the weekend. While there were points where I got the typical teen attitude and so on, for the most part she’s been extremely eager to help out around the house while we prep for company. We did do a deep cleaning of the living room on Sunday and also completely rearranged it since we wanted to open it up a bit to accommodate all the company coming in. We still don’t know what kind of weather we will be dealing with so it is entirely possible that we’ll be mostly indoors. That’s a lot of people indoors! Anyhow, you can see that the couch is covered in towels and sheets. This is because Rose’s fur sticks to that couch so badly. We are trying to minimize that at this time. Miss Butterfly and I did a vacuuming of the couch cushions and so on, but we are really going to have to go in there pretty hard to de-hair the couch and don’t want to make more work for ourselves. Anyhow, the couch is now in front of the living room windows, which has basically provided Rose with panoramic dog TV. She thinks this is a wonderful turn of events. If she sees humans, she gives out one big woof. Then Miss Lizzie who doesn’t care a bit about staring out windows begins to bark. She doesn’t like to quit. Even when I tell her to knock it off, she lays around growling under her breath. She has no clue what is even going on, but she’s definitely got something to say about it!

Now Rose, being a nervous girl, really struggled with the deep cleaning and furniture rearrangement initially. Plus Mr. Ink was hanging pictures again, so that was loud. She didn’t appreciate it and really was on edge there for a while. Finally, we decided to take her to the dog park. It was a stunningly beautiful day. There were tons of dogs. It wasn’t muddy. It was the perfect day to find a spot on the grass and sit so that Rose could play. Sitting on the grass at the dog park is one of my absolute favorite things. It’s so unusual that dogs have to come up and investigate, sometimes get right in your face or crawl all over you. It’s super cute. We meet a lot more dogs that way than we would if we were standing around. So, because of this, we stayed much longer than normal. When Rose ends up laying down playing with a ball near us, we know we’ve truly worn her out. This was a really good reset for her and she came home much less stressed and ready to explore the new furniture arrangement.

While Miss Butterfly and I did get a ton accomplished, we didn’t get all accomplished that we had wanted to this weekend. As such, we’ll be working on deep cleaning the bathrooms this week in the evenings. That being said, we both agreed that while it’s not that fun, deep cleaning the bathrooms tends to be easy. And really, fairly quick. The biggest problem is getting down to business in the first place. That being said, one of the reasons we haven’t gotten down to business yet is because the main bathroom sink drain needs to be unclogged again. It’s pointless to deep clean if the drain isn’t running that well. We are waiting on Mr. Ink for that task to be completed. I think we’ll do a little nagging tonight to get there.

Anyhow, that’s a nice long update of what is going on around here! Prepping, as usual, but not feeling too stressed anymore. It’s more of a prepping in order to pass the time in a productive fashion right now. I think that’s why Miss Butterfly is so eager to help.


3 thoughts on “Another Finished Object

  1. The shawl is beautiful. Pattern and yarn pair up perfectly. Love the pictures of Rose. She is such the character.

  2. love that yarn with that pattern. It reminds me of a Hap for Harriet, but the body is knit the opposite way. Very nice, and that yarn is perfect for that. Good for you making such progress on your goals! I am at about 28%, though I will have a finish in the next day or so. Not doing so well on reducing yarn stash, but kicking butt on the spinning stash!

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