April Beauty Balance

My boxycharm box came in the mail, so I get to do another beauty balance post and then toss a couple empties. This is a much preferable way of approaching my empties as opposed to saving my trash for the end of the month.

We’ll just start where I was last time. 2 items leaving my collection above what entered my collection.

Now, on to April’s boxycharm box. Here’s what I received:


So, I’d been happy because there were some brushes which don’t count toward totals. But then I realized we got a sample eye primer, so it’s 5 items entering my collection anyhow. Except for this. When I opened the eyeliner, the product was broken off at the base and there was no product in there. So that was massively disappointing. I had really been looking forward to a light colored eyeliner. In the end, because the eyeliner is not usable, it’s 4 items entering my collection.

I did contact boxycharm about the eyeliner so we’ll see what happens next. To be honest, I was most excited about it as I love a light colored or colorful eyeliner more than anything else. As for the rest of the box, the lipstick turned out to be a pretty fantastic nude color, so I am surprisingly happy with that, and the artist couture highlighter turned out to be quite nice. The palette? I could take it or leave it, with a lean toward leave it. I am wearing it today but it’s just so basic and the quality isn’t anything fantastic at all.

Anyhow, after that off the cuff box review, let’s get to the balancing part of this post.


The shower gel I received in a fabfitfun box and I finally used it up. I think that Miss Butterfly also used it from time to time. It’s nothing to write home about, so I’ll not be tring to purchase it. The tiny vial is a kora face oil which I am glad to have used but I don’t feel the need to have it in my life in the future. And, the saddest one. A tin of balm brought to me from a trip to prince edward island as a gift for caring for a friend’s cat while he was on vacation. I loved this balm. I kept it at work as that’s where my hands get the dryest. A little went a long way and it is just the type of product I enjoy having on hand at work. I am sad to see it go and I am not sure how I will replace it. It had a completely unoffensive scent which is something I look for with a heavy duty product like this and I am just not sure when and how I’ll find something similar.

Anyhow, in the end this leaves me at one product leaving my collection above and beyond what has entered my collection. I’ve got two items very close to being finished. But, I needed to replace one of those items with something that is currently on its way. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

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