We are one week away from the wedding. At this time in one week we’ll be gearing up to load up the truck with necessary items and I’ll be trying not to ruin my manicure while doing so. The forecast has improved, we are now forecasted to have a 71F day and sunny. Around here, this means we are likely to hit more than 71. But, the heater I rented for the tent during the rehearsal dinner won’t go to waste, as Friday is only supposed to be 61.

But all this is a week from now. For this morning, I am starting with taking it easy. Miss Rose Bud and I had a nice long cuddle this morning while I was knitting after I did a great job in getting a good amount of sleep with no memorable dreams. Very pleasant. We’ve got a weekend which is packed full, but for now, we are taking it slightly easy. I am definitely going to work in a nap.

Here’s where I am with my Lintilla shawl.


It has grown so much! I am getting pretty close to knitting on the edge ruffles now. Every time I knit this I remember the reason I love it so much is that it has a shape that drapes so nicely over the shoulders. I love the pattern but I knit it repeatedly more for the way it wears than for how it knits.

That’s it from here, I need to get the house straightened up so that I can begin working on the deep cleaning portion of the day. I hope your weekend is quite lovely!


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