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Just me with my thoughts pointed at a screen. 6 more sleeps. If I am doing anything today it’s procrastinating finishing the kitchen deep clean. In fact, I’ve already decided that my standards have lessened in the past 48 hours. I didn’t get much sleep last night again. Nightmares, only one of them wedding related, and I don’t even remember what it was about. Hopefully, I can get a nap in today. Despite what seems like complaining, I really did have a lovely relaxing day yesterday punctuated by cleaning and chores. I realized that with Miss Butterfly off this week I can leave laundry up to her tomorrow and not worry about that one at all. Since we are less than a week away now, this is the time where Mr. Ink gets super motivated. True to form, he’s been running around all weekend getting things done. He and I certainly operate very differently in that regard. I tend to slow down and try to conserve my energy, saving it up for the upcoming insanity. He just ignores it all until it feels like “too late” to me and then gets moving. In any case, things are getting done despite what feels like time moving too fast at the moment. (Gone is any hope of that weird time suspension from last week!)

I have decided one of my priorities today needs to be to plan the Sunday brunch meal offerings and make a proper shopping list for that. I plan to do some of the cooking and prep on Tuesday for things that can be set aside until Sunday. But, I really do need a proper plan. Plus, it will be wise to just have some meal type items around the house. Cold cuts and bread and so on. Things that will help us feel like we don’t have to run out and get something at the last minute. Because Mr. Ink handles most of the grocery shopping, I never feel like I know what might be in the house at a given time. So, if I have specific expectations, I tend to just try to do that shopping myself.

The one thing that really needs to get done today is to scout out where we will be doing some outdoor photographs on the day of the wedding. I really do need to get that under control. Mr. Ink had suggested we’d ride bike but I am not sure how he’s going to fit that in with his current to do list. So, I am thinking maybe it’s better for me to just take the dogs out for a walk there and take a look around. We’ll have to see how the day goes.

That’s about it from here really, I just decided to blog because of procrastination but I really do need to get back to it. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

One thought on “No Photos

  1. It is interesting how couples view major events and the prep differently. It sounds like you two manage to get everything completed. Eventually!

    Are you off work this week? I hope at least some of it!

    Try to get some sleep, without the nightmares!

    Our weekend was pretty normal. A works one Saturday a month, which was this weekend. So I did a few extra chores yesterday. Today she did several hours of work in her office, so I did some weaving and started a new puzzle. And a bit of knitting. I have a holiday tomorrow but she has a 14 hour day, so I likely will do more chores and knitting, spinning etc. the gardens still have snow piles on them, so though it is nice out, can’t rake them out yet.

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