A little biking

This weekend was very busy. We each had extensive to-do lists. I did get mine completed. I am not sure Mr. Ink got his completed. But he definitely worked pretty hard this weekend. One of the things on my to-do list was to scout out places to take photographs before the wedding.

Naturally, we are having photographs taken on a bike trail. I mean, biking is how we met in the first place and that was at least 8 years ago now, maybe more. So, yesterday, we decided to combine wedding planning with the thing that brought us together in the first place. And it was glorious. We headed out to the entrance of the lake which we plan to use and set off. We easily got to the first place that would be appropriate for photos and I grabbed a few.

Side note, Mr. Ink has a new bike! Now we both have custom painted surly pugsleys. He’s running 3-inch tires on his while I maintain my 4-inch tires. From this point forward we did scout other areas for photos, but I think this one is it. Mostly because I’ll have to be walking into this area in heels and a dress with a train, and I don’t want to walk up and down hills. This area is nice and flat. The others are not. We even found a blooming forsythia nearby on our way back through the area.

Mr. Ink also tricked me into single track riding. It has been at least a year, probably more, since I rode single track. I just lost the motivation for it at some point. And I really hate riding single track on a fatty. Give me my proper hardtail mountain bike over the fatty any day. But, this kind of trickery is really common for Mr. Ink. First, it was “Do you want to ride through the nature trail?” Well, riding fat is great for riding on grass and a good portion of the trail also was covered in crushed limestone, so it was perfect. We get to the end of the nature trail and he says “Did you know that this area has some hidden single track? It’s right here, want to ride it?” So we did. I envisioned, the entire time, falling and breaking my head right before the wedding. But, nothing happened and the trail was extremely tame. There was no need for concern. In fact, it made me think I might even give some single track a try again this spring. We shall see. Let’s get through the big event first.

Anyhow, all that is to say we took the afternoon “off” from chores to do what might have been a chore but wasn’t because we did it by bike. And it was great to be doing the thing that got us together in the first place. The day was sunny, the weather was cool and lovely, and despite not having ridden in a while, I haven’t completely lost my biking legs.

Today I work until 1:30 but then have appointments and errands all afternoon and evening. Let the wedding week begin!


5 thoughts on “A little biking

    • I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and I use it almost exclusively despite having a whole herd of bikes to choose from. I really do love it, it rolls so nice and comfy and I love never worrying about a crack or a stick or a crevice. I just roll. And there’s something freeing about biking that way. Mr. Ink hasn’t had his long enough to form a full opinion but he doesn’t keep a herd of bikes. Just one very good hardtail MTB and prior to this a super old heavy MTB for “road” riding. I suspect he’ll enjoy this choice quite a bit once he’s got it set up to his particular specifications.

  1. I am glad you found a way to do a chore together and have fun with it, too.

    That looks like a lovely place for photos! I can not wait to see them, but I will try to be patient!

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