Knitting in the Quiet Moments

2 more sleeps until wedding day. Yesterday we had a lovely day spent with family. I managed to get the car cleaned before my parents were ready to come visit. We had additional family arrive and had a nice lunch and downtown shopping (browsing) experience. Mr. Ink’s sister in law arrived in the late afternoon. Mr. Ink finally bought a dress shirt for the ceremony and then brought home pizza for a late evening dinner.

I’d been working on my Lintilla shawl out of handspun, and I almost finished, except I lost at yarn chicken. Which is fine because I have what I need to create more yarn to finish. It’s just that spinning isn’t about to happen until after the wedding, so I had to choose something else instead. I decided to wind up an 8 ounce ball of handspun and cast on another lintilla because it’s just so easy to knit. But, the handspun wasn’t performing as I wanted to, it had no drape. So I ripped it out.

Then I decided on a ten stitch twist. I don’t know if this will make it to blanket or throw size, though I do have more yarn I can use on it once the 8 ounce ball is done, or, I am pretty sure I could procure more of the colorway and keep after it in the future. But, I just wanted to knit it because it looked interesting and fun. Whatever it turns into is cool with me.

This morning Mr. Ink’s sister in law is working from our house. We’ll be heading out shopping a bit later but for now I’ve got time on my hands and it’s quiet in the house so I am getting some knitting (and blogging) done. Here’s where I am.


Not the most beautiful or inspired photo but when working on crafts in the quiet moments, we take what we can get. I don’t think I am doing the joins quite correctly but they look interesting so I am going to go with it and call it a feature not a bug.

Tonight we head out to the venue to do some last minute planning. Mr. Ink’s sister in law will be in charge of set up, so we had a meeting about everything last evening. But of course, things always become much clearer when she can see the actual space we are using. And then, we get to have the middle age equivalent of a bachelorette party. Meaning, we are going out for dinner at my favorite little wine bar/restaurant while the guys have their middle age equivalent of a bachelor party, they are going out for steak.

It feels like tonight is when things really start picking up for the duration of the weekend. I can’t believe the time is already here. I also can’t believe how relaxed I am feeling about everything. It’ll all be exactly as it should be.