Then There Was This

The bridal party consisted of Miss Butterfly and my Maid of Honor Miss Marja. For the groomsmen, there was the best man and another groomsman.

The groomsman, during our outdoor photo shoot before arriving at the venue apparently had a brilliant idea for a photo. He didn’t say a word to me though.

Right after the ceremony, he said: “I had a great idea for a photo.” Knowing that I tend to view his nutty ideas with a certain degree of skepticism, he quickly added: “Don’t worry, my wife approves.”

Here was his idea:

He had quietly texted his wife and said “Bring your knitting!” She did! So, here I am getting a row in on someone else’s knitting in order that there could be photos of me knitting in my wedding dress on my wedding day. This thrilled all the guests quite a bit actually, and I loved that it happened as a complete surprise to me. If I look a bit dazed, it’s partly because I was. I was basically floating on air the entire evening, moments rushing by me at the speed of light, and my brain just couldn’t keep up or really track at all. I just mostly did as I was told. Now I get it. There’s something very different about being a bride, even if the bride is a massive planner who manages large events on the regular with no big issues. As the bride, I just couldn’t keep anything straight. It is most certainly an “out of time and place” moment in my life.

6 thoughts on “Then There Was This

  1. Love the photos. A must for your wedding album. Hope you have more pictures of you and the dress it looks absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a beautiful bride.

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