It’s one week after our big event. My nails are beginning to chip. The flowers are beginning to die, though I did remove all dead flowers and put together new vases with those that were still viable.


We are working our way through our leftover food and doing pretty good with that. Some got frozen, much got eaten, and the salad we couldn’t get through had to get tossed. Our certified copy of our license arrived today so now we can plan a day off to go get name change stuff taken care of. I am still sleeping quite a lot, though I am hoping with a nap today I’ll be fairly caught up again. I’ve gotten back on my diet, despite the consumption of leftovers, and am only 3 pounds over my lowest weight. Not bad! With the massive success I had with it, I do want to keep it up.

Goals for this weekend would be taking up spinning again. I need to get some mawata silk done so I can finish my lintilla scarf. It’s so close to being done! I also want to get more of my craft room cleaned up, it’s pretty nutty in there as I mostly just dumped decor in there after the wedding was over. I am going to let Mr. Ink know that it may be time to start getting my loom put together so I can experiment with it, but since he works this weekend, I won’t push it. And I’d like to get a good start on thank you notes, I am terrible at writing them and the sooner I work on it the better chance we have of it actually getting done.

Meanwhile, what I am actually getting done isn’t on the goals list.


But I am definitely going to town on it! These tiny 10 stitch rows are deeply satisfying to me especially when paired with a yarn that changes colors. I’ve been working on this while chilling with the dogs in a quiet house. It’s much needed. Miss Butterfly is at camp and Mr. Ink is at work and I am truly enjoying the house to myself. But I do truly hope to have a little spinning to show off in the near future!