After 8 Months

I am not absolutely positive, but I am pretty sure I haven’t done any wheel spinning since the end of August. I put my wheels away when Rose arrived as she was definitely going through a destructive teen stage. I am glad I did, all things considered. She is great now, but we did lose a lot of items from her destructive chewing.

After the destructive phase ended, a few months after we got her, I was just too busy in general to pull those wheels back out. I wanted to finish a bunch of knitting and reduce my yarn stash. I had major work projects. And then? I got engaged and had a wedding to plan. The spinning wheels stayed quietly in their closet as all these life events and plans happened.

Then I almost finished my lintilla shawl. I ran out of handspun yarn JUST before the end of the knit and JUST before family got into town for the wedding. That got set aside. Until this weekend.


I already had the wool singles done, I just needed to spin up a couple mawata silk pieces and then ply those with the wool. I could easily have just spun one little mawata, but I did two. Then I finished knitting my lintilla!


I love it. It’s slubby and fun. It is super soft with all that silk. I did all the dyeing for both the wool and the silk. It is absolutely something I made from start to finish.

Now I am off to find some fiber and do a real spin. Or, perhaps I’ll do some plying from spindles. I don’t know! But, I am definitely going to take some time to do some spinning. It might take me a minute to get squared away with it again!

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