3 Color Challenge week 2

First, a little story. I’ve been mentioning in other blog posts that we are getting a lot of nutty storms out here. On Monday evening, I’d given Miss Butterfly the job of cleaning all my makeup brushes. Doing so would “buy” her a new mascara, which she was in need of. I was worried that on Tuesday morning, before returning to work, I’d go to do my makeup and find that my brushes were still wet.

I needn’t have concerned myself. We got a bunch of storms overnight and the power went out. It’s not actually possible to do my makeup in the dark at 5:30am. which is the time I actually have to work on this hobby during the week. I ended up going to work bare-faced, which hasn’t happened in over a year now. It was no big deal, though I sorta thought it might be. Apparently beginning to wear makeup at the age of 41 is a much bigger deal than just stopping wearing makeup.

In any case, this is all to say that I ended up a day behind on my 3 color weekly challenge due to this day of no power in the house. But, the challenge still got done. Let’s look at Wednesday’s look first.


I determined that I did want to use all the colors in my challenge for Wednesday’s look. I also pulled in a darker brown matte single from Sydney Grace, as it’s the next darker shade from Dusty Trails which is in the challenge.

For Wednesday’s look I used Dusty Trails in as a transition shade, the darker brown matte in my crease, and Poppy on the outer corner of my mobile lid. I did fluff it up into the crease a bit, but it wasn’t my goal to really showcase Poppy, I just wanted a darker color on the outer part of my mobile lid. Then, I used Just Peachy all over the mobile lid.

On the lower lashline I used Dusty Trails, bringing it up and connecting it to the color on the eyelid area. Then I decided I wanted a liner of some sort. I ended up choosing a royal blue color. I am not sure it was the perfect look, but I couldn’t figure out another color I wanted to try to use that I had in my collection. My stash of liners, while growing, is not that large at this point, and my color choices are somewhat limited.

I did try one new thing though, which was to use an angled brush to smudge out the liner a bit and then flip it out at the corner. I doubt it shows, as it was quite subtle. I didn’t want to ruin a look when I needed to go to work and was running short on time.

Here’s the look. One of these photos cracks me up, that’s Rose in the background waiting on breakfast.

I liked this look! It’s pretty surprisingly subtle considering that the darker matte brown from Sydney Grace is really very pigmented. The Poppy in the outer corner is barely visible but still provides depth.

In other news, with this look, I decided I needed to figure out why I am not using Bare Minerals serum concealer. I can easily see why in my second photo. Nice circles showing under my eyes with the bonus of mascara transfer. I will go back to using that on areas of my face that are NOT my under eyes.

On to look 3. I had a little trouble with this one to be honest. I feel like the three colors I pulled from for this week are surprisingly limiting. Who knew that I’d actually think that bolder, stranger colors were easier to work with!

I swatched out a few options last evening just to see what I could come up with and I ended up pulling in another color from Sydney Grace. This one is a shimmer called Tiara, it’s a taupe shade. It doesn’t advertise as a duochrome but it has a bit of that feel to it. It also has a green tone to it. It’s lovely!


So, as per usual, I used the Dusty Trails as a transition shade. I used Poppy in the crease and on the outer corner. Then, I used Tiara all over the lid. Then, I popped Just Peachy on the center of the lid over Tiara to give it some extra dimension. I used Dusty trails on the undereye and highlighted the inner corner with another Sydney Grace shadow I failed to photograph, it’s called Bailey’s Bliss and it is from the Taylor Bundle as well.

I used a nude liner in my waterline and a dark blue liner on the lower and upper lash line. Here’s a photo of what I came up with:


Not too shabby!

I used the random number generator to choose which shade rolls out of my 3 color challenge for next week, and it’s Poppy. So that leaves me with Dusty Trails and Just Peachy for next week. I’ll show what rolls in next week. I am kind of hoping for something bright since the two shades I am left with are awfully subtle! And here’s a little spoiler, I’ll be adding a bunch of shades to my list.

So, stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, have a great weekend!



Spinning a bit

I haven’t been doing a ton of spinning since my last 3 ply project was completed I lost the overwhelming motivation I was having with spinning, and it’s settled into something a little more natural. Which is good. But, I also am coming to the realization that part of the issue is the way I’ve chosen to spin this particular braid.

I went for a slightly thicker than the last two spins single in hopes that I could make a chain ply yarn. I am spinning directly from the braid so there will be long stripes. The thing is, it’s not that fun to manage the colors, moving back and forth on the braid to use up all one color before the next one begins. Also, I am not entirely sure I enjoy chain plying, so I am spinning with hesitation because finishing means chain plying.

But, I rarely chain ply, so it’s entirely possible I like it well enough, I just think I don’t.


In any case, here’s what that spin is looking like at the moment. A dark photo because dark and rain and storms are all we’ve seen for a number of days now. Even when it isn’t raining, it looks like it’s about to.

But I am not bitter.

Looks like today could be sunny. Let’s hope so!

May Mask Challenge wrap up

I absolutely stuck to my guns when it came to masking or using treatments regularly. I posted this photo halfway through the month:


Since then I was able to finish up three products.

The Grown Alchemist polishing facial exfoliant-I was never in love with this product. I used it once or twice a week all fall, winter, and spring. I am thrilled to be done with it. There was a massive air bubble toward the end and I finished it up rather unexpectedly. I didn’t make a point to use this more during the may challenge so you could just say it’s a bit of a coincidence that I happened to finish it this month.

Aphrodite Olive oil face mask-I really enjoyed this deep cleansing mask. It was very gentle compared to other clay masks I’ve used. I am glad I cut it open, I got another 4 applications out of it that way. I doubt I’ll repurchase but I am glad I got to try it and use it up.

Ren evercalm-the was absolutely the stand out product this month. In fact, I’d say that it was the one where I seemed to have the best results. One morning I woke up and thought I looked REALLY pale. But, then I realized it was probably this face mask working its magic. That being said, I wasn’t entirely using it the way the directions suggested. I was using it after my nightly skin routine and sleeping in it. Almost daily. But, the results were so good that I would consider purchasing more from Ren’s evercalm line to try. At some point in the future when I have used up the huge stash of products I already have.

Other products I got use out of even though I didn’t finish-

Ahava hydration cream mask-I used this a bunch of times and will continue to do so again now that the Ren mask is used up. Using it at night to sleep in works nicely.

Peter Thomas Roth exfoliating gel-I probably used this about 5 times over the month. It’s a product I like just fine but probably won’t purchase again.

Elemis enzyme peel-I used this 3 or 4 times. I am not sure if I see great results from this product but it does work for continuing to keep a good chemical exfoliating routine going.

Amore Pacific-same type of product as the elemis peel, and I used it only twice I believe. I don’t think they even make this product anymore so I am going to be working toward using it up in the upcoming month.

Glamglow supermud-I used it once and only in my T-zone. This is well known for really being a drying mask so I didn’t want to push it at this point.

While we absolutely have a few more days to go this month and I absolutely will continue my may mask challenge through the end of the month, wrapping it up here will do as there’s no way I’ll finish another product in the next two days. I am super happy to have done this challenge though. I have certainly noticed smoother skin overall, and seeing real results on the redness of my face really was interesting and surprising.

Knit, Turn, Nope

I was ridiculously tired of knitting and turning and knitting and turning and counting and knitting and turning.

So I started a new project over the weekend. I pulled out some 2 ply yarn of Miss Marja’s that was in my stash. Originally I attempted to pair it with another color, but in the end just decided I wanted to work with the 2 ply. I looked up a pattern, liked the pattern, and started the pattern. Only to realize I feel certain I’ve knit that pattern before! But, if I have, the project which I knit it does not come to mind.


This is me, too lazy to even take a photo outdoors.

We had really nasty storms Sunday night into Monday. Quite a lot of heavy rain, and a bit of basement flooding. Mr. Ink was up most of the night, and I was up a bit too though he was trying to let me sleep. Turns out the basement flooding was due to a downspout that wasn’t working correctly, so once that was resolved the flooding resolved. Anyhow, point being that we were all a little off on Monday. Even the dogs.

Monday evening our toilet broke. We’ve had it less than a year. Upon further inspection, it is clear that it was installed very poorly by the plumber we used. Thus, Mr. Ink will be calling them in the morning to see if they’ll make it right. But this was certainly not how we wanted to start out our week!

I did very little spinning this weekend, less than half a bobbin. The break was probably a good thing. I did indulge in a little destash shopping for fiber though, as my fiber stash is basically quite low.

That’s basically a quick update on how our Monday went. Relaxing, with a dose of frustration, but basically fine and it wasn’t spent at work which makes even the frustrating parts better.

3 Color Challenge Week 2

It’s week two of my little self imposed challenge. I used a random number generator last week to discover which eyeshadow would roll out for this week, and the verdict was Royalty, the dark purple shade from last week. This week I used a random number generator to roll in my next shadow, and turns out that’s another Sydney Grace single, this time a very basic matte transition shade. The color is called Dusty Trails. Here’s the color combo I am using for three looks this week.



For today’s look, I decided, since I am home all day, that I wanted to give a try to Ciate London’s Eye Lustre that I got in boxy charm. I’ve tried to use this a couple of ways so far and it’s always too intense and goes creasy on me. I was pretty ready to toss it until I remembered that when I was using a stila liquid eyeshadow I preferred the application of the product with a brush. So, that’s what I decided to try with the eye lustre as well.

I did not use Just Peachy this time, just Poppy and Dusty Trails are represented here. I used dusty trails on my transition area and poppy all over the lid, blending it into the crease. I admit that I got a little carried away and I am pretty sure Poppy overtook the look. I am not sure it’s easy to see much of Dusty Trails. But it is there. It’s also on my undereye. Then, I used the ciate london eye lustre on a packing brush and swiped that thinly on my lid, over the poppy, from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid. There were moments I felt it needed a little building up, so I went in with an additional coat, but I’ll admit that wasn’t a great thing to do as it tended to try to pull back up and off the eyelid. So, the second layer is trickier than the first. I used my cover fx palette brightener on the inner corner. It seems to have picked up some of the poppy pigment and turned a bit pink. I am not mad about it.

It did really turn down the intensity of poppy, using it with the eye lustre overtop. I see no signs of creasing, so using the brush helped in that way as well. It definitely helps punch up a look a bit and I am glad I discovered a way to use the eye lustre. I’ll have to add it to my list of eyeshadows to pull from!

I am also glad I got an opportunity to give this a try on a day I am not going anywhere, just in case.


Lazy Morning

Yesterday I took Miss Butterfly over to Miss Marja’s house so she could help Miss Marja with some chores. This is from an ongoing effort to teach Miss Butterfly the value of hard work and money. In the time which she was assisting Miss Marja, I ran out and ran a bunch of errands. One of the last errands I ran was the one in which I went to the grocery store to pick up some items for Miss Butterfly’s lunches. She likes a particular brand of cold cuts and the store was having a sale, so I purchased that for her. When I arrived home, I realized that someone else’s buttermilk showed up in my grocery bag. So, buttermilk pancakes for us this morning.

Miss Rose is hanging out snoozing on the couch, Lizzie is snoozing on the floor, and Mr. Ink and I haven’t managed much productivity at all this morning after breakfast. I did manage to get a load of dishes run and a load of laundry started, but the state of my home indicates this is a drop in the bucket of what actually needs to be done.

So instead of getting to work around the house, I took a picture for you. I’ve been working on that 10 stitch throw for quite some time now. When I stalled out at home due to my spinning obsession, I brought it to work. Since we have a long weekend, I brought it home again.


It is growing quite a lot! Even though it often doesn’t seem so as I knit and turn and knit and turn and knit and turn and count and knit and turn.

Because this is a bit of a boring project when the turning begins to grate on the nerves, I started another project as well, but I don’t have enough of it to show it off yet. I have some spinning up and running but that isn’t holding my attention either.

We took the dogs to the regular dog park yesterday. Rose was still good and tired from Friday evening’s adventure. She was pretty chill at the dog park. Some running, but definitely not too much good rough play. I was perplexed, but Mr. Ink reminded me that running through a muddy swamp at top speeds takes a heck of a lot more energy than running on regular ground and then I remembered we also had her walk more than 5K to do that swampy running. Here’s how she looked last evening:


She had let out a contented sigh as she fell asleep with her head on the armrest.

In the garden the next thing to bloom turned out to be siberian iris.


They are looking pretty fantastic!

It’s so nice to have a gentle long weekend with no particular plans! We are having some of Miss Butterfly’s friends over this evening for a firepit and a bit of a done with school celebration. It should be fun, and the s’mores on my counter will finally get eaten!



Spinning and Doggos

First of all, let me just say that while the colors themselves are completely dark and out of my comfort zone, I absolutely adore the three-ply yarn I just made.

Isn’t that the prettiest? I should just start letting other people choose colorways for me so that I don’t get too stuck in same old same old. I have 835 yards of this, and it’s a sock weight yarn.

I started another spinning project but that initial obsession that spring spinning is for me has waned a bit and I am now capable of doing other things as well. Projects around the house, knitting, etc. It’s nice to have a long weekend knowing I have fun stuff stretching out before me.

We kicked off our long weekend with time spent with the dogs. It rained quite a lot and stormed as well this week. Miss Rose has suddenly decided she’s afraid of storms, this is not something she’s suffered from before, despite her being a notoriously scared doggo. Due to all the rain and storms, our normal routine of taking her to the huge local dog park so she could do all her running was out of the question. I mean, it was going to be desperately muddy. So, I convinced Mr. Ink that we should take them to a local lake and bike/walking trail. We decided to take the nice long walk around the lake.

Rose, who has always been terrified of bikes, surprised us greatly by getting over that fear last night. In the past, when bikes pass by she cringes, cowers, and then tries to bolt away from us. This has made walking her on local trails very difficult. But, we kept doing it anyhow, assuming that eventually, she’d desensitize herself. after 8 months in our home, I had assumed that the terror of bikes would be permanent. So, when she decided last night to pay them no mind, not even tucking her tail between her legs, which is what she typically does when she’s scared but dealing with it anyhow, we were extremely surprised. In fact, there were times last evening that bikes would pass her and her tail wouldn’t even stop wagging. Amazing!

About halfway around the lake, Mr. Ink said “Why don’t we stop and see how the build is going on the dog park here?” You see, where we were has always had a dog park, but it’s the type for training hunting dogs rather than just a regular run of the mill dog park. It’s got lots of tall grass and it’s only enclosed on 3 sides. The fourth side is water and swamp. So, the dogs can get out if they are so inclined. But, we knew that they were looking to revise this and make a fully fenced in area and we wanted to see what that was looking like. It’s not done yet, but we decided to wander into the other area anyhow as there were a few dogs playing there. Rose had a grand old time, running like a maniac through the tall grass, sniffing all the things, and leading all the other dogs on a merry chase through the swamp. Over and over and over again. She was soooooo happy. We did have to reign her in though as she kept leading her chase farther and farther away from the fenced in area, and that swamp leads to escape. And she couldn’t leave the swamp alone.

She was a lovely muddy disaster after the fact. Lizzie fell in the water too, which was hilarious. She likes to wade but not swim. But where she decided to wade was quite a significant drop-off, surprising her completely.

After this little unexpected adventure, we continued on around the lake. We recently purchased a long line for Rose so she could do some exploring, so I brought that long line with us. We got on some horse trails and let her at it. She bounded through tall weeds, sniffed all the things, and found herself a turtle. Then, later, she decided she wanted to explore some rocks at the edge of the lake. She wasn’t too sure of them. Mr. Ink demonstrated how they were safe to get on. She tried initially, but then a big military plane went overhead and she thought that was loud and terrifying. Then she tried again. I bet next time she’ll be at the water’s edge. This girl has come such a long way! She was having such a confident night!

We were out much later than expected but we all had a truly fabulous evening and were glad to be out in the sun and nature rather than stuck indoors with a storm. And it was extremely rewarding to watch Rose continue to blossom under our care, gaining confidence and applying all we’ve tried to teach her to her adventures.

Oh, and also, in the yard right now: