Trying Something New

As so often happens when I take up a new hobby, that hobby sort of bleeds onto my other friends. Miss Marja has taken a bit of interest in makeup lately and is finding herself tempted by many things in ulta these days, while wisely resisting the urge. It’s fun to have someone I can talk to in person about this stuff. I also had my friend Christelle in town for the wedding. She, too, has dipped her toe into the makeup waters and is eager to try more. We discussed a bit before her arrival, then more once she was in town. I sent her home with a few things. And then talking with her on the phone last evening she said “I see on your blog sometimes you’ve mentioned what colors in a palette you are using where, but I wish there were photos.”

So, I am trying something new and we can thank Christelle. When I think of it, I am going to track what I am using on my eyes and also attempt to find a way to communicate that.

Below is a “palette” of singles. The majority of this set is from Sydney Grace, they were supposed to be melt Gemini palette comps. But, I’ve added depotted shadows from a pur palette received in boxy charm, there’s one from Vanessa’s Vanity, and one from an ipsy bag. I am sorry about the look of the entire palette as well, my daughter dropped this one and it’s looking a bit rough around the edges, and there’s one shadow which I had to repress.

gemini comps

In any case, I can’t use names on this one so I am using circles.

I began with the lightest yellow-toned shade (circled in dark blue) as a transition. The slightly darker brown (circled in purple) I used in my crease. Then I added the dark brown in the outer V (circled in light blue). Then I used the Steve Laurant loose pigment all over my lid (circled in grey) and the silvery shimmer in my inner corner (circled in brown). I went back in with the mid-toned brown (circled in purple) on the lower lash line and then ended up using a black at the outer edge of my lower lash line. Once this was done, I used a greenish brown liner on my upper and lower lashline to finish it up.

It’s not a look I’ve tried before, I was just messing around this morning. I was most interested in using the loose pigment. I took one photo at home and a second at work.


The pressed pigment doesn’t show up as shimmery as I wanted it to, and I remembered that last time I used it I had used a glitter glue. The shimmery payoff was much better under that condition.

Here’s another. This one is a just playing with makeup look. I wanted to accomplish a couple of things with this one. First, I wanted to see if I could do a half cut crease to make the lime green look less like a fading bruise. Second, I wanted to try a winged liner, which I never do but thought might be fun. I only put a full face of makeup on one side of my face because I knew I was just messing around and would wash everything back off immediately. I used two different palettes, or rather, a tiny Pacifica quint and a Nyx palette.


My goal was to use the tiny Pacifica palette. But, since I couldn’t use the lime green matte in my transition or crease, due to the fading bruise issue, I pulled out the NYX palette for the lighter colored orange. (Circled in blue). I used this in my transition, then used the matte orange in the pacifica palette (circled in lighter blue) as my crease shade. I took the dark brown (circled in purple) shimmer and added that to the outside of my lid. Then, I did a half cut crease on the inner portion of the lid, packing the lime green (circled in yellow) over the concealer. It’s NOT one of those particularly precise cut crease looks, but it does help the lime green be placed in an area where it can shine without looking really strange and bruised on my skin. I had fun messing around with this look. Oh, and inner corner was done with the light shimmer circled in red.


In the end, I felt pretty ridiculous in this look. I don’t do winged liner and feel I may be too old for it. But, I do think experimenting with makeup is good fun and I am glad I played with this look which I immediately took back off once I was done.

One more for this post. Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly bought me the urban decay born to run palette for my birthday last year. In the ensuing months, I did not get that much of an opportunity to use it since the engagement and wedding makeup testing came soon afterward. I spent a lot of time on that, and honestly, I ended up really liking my choices so it turned out to be worth it. But I am enjoying playing with this palette now.

born to run

What happens most often right now with this palette is that I use that peachy shade at the top as my transition color and then build from there. But, often that’s what I am doing with my Sultry palette too. So, I decided I would avoid that this morning. I wanted a rather berry toned look, so I planned to play with the pink-toned shades. So, anyhow, I set my base with weekender, circled in dark blue. Then, as my transition color I used Riff, circled in light blue. I thought this might be too dark as a transition shade so I started with a light hand. Turned out it was no problem at all, and I was able to get a bit more heavy-handed without it looking too overwhelmingly dark. I then used Hell Ride, circled in purple, in the crease. I put punk, circled in brown, in the outer V. And then I put wildheart, circled in pink, all over the lid. Using Stranded, circled in red, I brightened my inner corner. Then, I decided that the wildheart color, more of a satin than a shimmer, didn’t have as much color depth as I wanted so I popped Ignite, circled in yellow, on the middle of my lid over wildheart just using my finger. That helped a bit.

I try to avoid using berry tones on my lower lash line for the most part, as it tends to make me look a bit tired. So instead I used Riff with Punk at the outer edges of my eye. I finished all this off with my style sepia liner I am desperately trying to pan (greeny brown) and that was that.


I like this look but I think this palette needs a lot more use and experimentation on my part. If I keep up with this little project, I think we can expect to see more of this palette featured regularly.


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