A Newish Project

To be fair, I’ve been working on this project since before the wedding but I just kept it at work and so I never got a photograph.


I am using some of Marja’s handspun to create another ruffle scarf. While I forgot what a boring knit this was, I do think it is well suited to the yarn. It’ll move through the blurple back into the mauve again before it is done, and I enjoy a nice gradient quite a bit.

In other news, Miss Butterfly was hard at work this week. The beginning of the week was pleasant. We’d received a wedding gift over the weekend, but hadn’t had an opportunity to put it together. I said “Boy, sure would be nice to sit on new patio furniture!” And Mr. Ink said “I was just thinking that!” So I hurredly ran down to the basement and brought up a box. The lightest box. Mr. Ink took another box and looked in it. Then he noped right out of there and decided it was too much work.

Miss Butterfly had caught on to what we were up to, and she decided it was not to much work for her to do. So she got started.


I snuck these photos while she put together the table.


And then a chair. And once that chair was done, I was invited to give it a try, while I not so surreptitiously took another photo. She was not impressed. img_1127

But she was doing such a lovely job! She put two chairs together and then decided she’d wait on the rest. What she doesn’t know is that I am going to pay her for this task. To be honest, this wasn’t about to get done any time soon unless I did it. And I wasn’t going to do it. But the whole family will very much enjoy the new furniture.


4 thoughts on “A Newish Project

  1. Gorgeous scarf! That Miss Marja makes you some lovely yarn, and you turn it into lovely garments.

    Good job getting Miss B to assemble the furniture and sneaking photos of it! It’s a lovely set.

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