May Mask Challenge

One of the youtubers I follow fairly peripherally, Lisa Stevens, just began promoting something she thought up called May Mask Challenge. I have to admit, due to subscription boxes I’ve got a ridiculous amount of face masks. I really don’t use them very often.

Now, she plans to mask daily but I know that is unrealistic for me. But, I think I can manage a face mask three times a week.


I am using the above photo which I took in December or the beginning of January. I may add a few more I have received since then. But, I did finish the trader joe’s sheet masks, the blaq undereye masks, and the peter thomas roth hungarian thermal heat mask already.

I already have the olive oil deep cleanse face mask in my project pan, so obviously I’ll work on that one. The Ren calming mask I probably have the most use out of, and I will concentrate on using that as well. The elemis papaya enzyme peel seems like a good one to work on once a week. I think I’ll start with those three and hope for the best. In fact, in this first 5 days of the challenge I’ve already used each of them once. If the weather gets significantly warmer, I’ll throw in the glamglow or the peter thomas roth peeling gel. We will have to see where the weather and my skin takes us. But, I can say that I am lucky if I mask once a week at this point and any improvement on that should move some items through my collection.

I am never going to be someone who enjoys using face masks. I just find it a bit of a waste of time, and I also feel like if I am keeping my skin in decent condition daily, I just don’t really need them. And not needing them means that I don’t see a huge benefit from them.

In any case, I’ll report back on how I’ve done with this little challenge and if anything interesting comes of it. For instance, will regularly masking change my mind about masks? Will I finally be able to move some out of my collection? Will I get to using some of these I’ve never even used? Will I fail miserably because I am too lazy to mask in the first place?

Only time will tell.