All of That Plying

I got it all done!

Exhibit 1:


These two skeins I spun to go together, as I think they look nice together. I have 335 yards of the green and 435 yards of the orange. I have no clue what to make with them but I am super happy with the resulting yarn. If I don’t find a pattern that works with them both, then it’s entirely possible I’ll split them up. Only time will tell! But for now, they are one project.

Exhibit 2:


My rolags all spun up. I super love this yarn. I ended up with 720 yards. These are the colors of the sky, all blue and grey and a little yellow like it’s been kissed by the sun. I am so happy with this!

The spinning bug has hit hard and I am already part way through another 8oz project. I haven’t wanted to knit at all. After 8 months off, I am not particularly surprised. (I guess that’s somewhat disingenuous as I did do the tiniest bit of spindle spinning during that time, I just never completed a project that way.)

In any case, it seems like this blog may be makeup and spinning more than makeup and knitting for a bit. We shall see!

4 thoughts on “All of That Plying

  1. They are gorgeous, as always! I have been doing the opposite, knitting hard and forcing myself to spin and weave at least once a week. i am spinning a combo gradient, I want to see how it comes out. But not, apparently, enough to actually do it! And the weaving is getting close to done, a few more long sessions should do it. So naturally, I knit.

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