May Beauty Balance

Soon after my last post/incoming product delivery arrived, another one arrived. I mentioned that I had decided I wanted two of the GOT urban decay liners and that I was struggling to get them due to them being repeatedly sold out. I got the second one.


That one is a gold metallic color. And as it turns out, it is an absolutely exact replica of my metallic gold urban decay liner I got after the holiday.

img_0513See the one WAY over on the far right? That’s the one that is exactly the same as I just purchased. And I am not mad about it. Why? Because I love that liner so much as an inner corner highlight. But, I didn’t want to use it because it didn’t seem to be one that is in their regular line up and I couldn’t get it again. Without even trying, now I have it. I recently told myself I wouldn’t pan another liner, but I might have lied. Because I can totally pan the gold one now that I have a full size. (Except I won’t, because I also want to actually use all the other liners I have floating around.)

Anyhow, now that I’ve worked through that tangent, I also picked up an oil. I am getting pretty close to being out of my face oil and I figured I’d take advantage of the order and the sale. Naturally, the order came with another two samples. This brings me back to a beauty balance. I am not posting any empties today. I’ll have my boxycharm order pretty quick and I’ll post some empties then. I will also mention that I have decided that the easiest way to deal with the many sample sizes that are arriving in my collection and thus kind of screwing up my beauty balance is to USE THEM. And so I am using them, and my next beauty balance post should be featuring a number of them.