The Desire to Spin

The floodgates have opened and I am spinning all the time now. I haven’t picked up knitting at all lately.


I am working on an 8-ounce superwash wool top project at the moment. I had decided to make a 3 ply yarn, but then I split the top and spun it into two sections not three. Boy am I out of practice! So, now it will be a 2 ply yarn and I think it’ll be lovely that way. I am about 1/3 of the way through the second bobbin.

The fiber in question is from Alisha Goes Around, which honestly I’ve never heard of before. I purchased it off a destash because it was pretty, that’s the only reason I have it. It is pretty, and it is spinning up beautifully as well.

Miss Butterfly and I are having an absolutely lovely quiet morning around the house. I took Rose to the dog park yesterday so we’ve got sleepy morning dogs which allows us to really have quiet time. Rose stays nice and sleepy even the next day after a dog park trip. Not much has been in the plans for this weekend and that’s just how we like it!