May Beauty Balance

It’s time for another beauty balance post since my boxy charm arrived. For the first time in a long time I will use absolutely everything in this box. That’s great! It also means I’ve got 5 items entering my collection.


I am pretty excited about this box. I love blush and I love Alamar Cosmetics, so this is right up my alley. I would have liked to get the FAB moisturizer rather than the glamglow cleanser but I am not too upset about it as a cleanser is something I can always use.

I would like to track, once I have quit subscription boxes, how long it takes me to get through all my stashed cleansers. I have gotten so many in boxes over this past year that I think it’ll take me more than a year to finish them all up. I have one coming next month as well, I already know it.

We were”perfectly” balanced in my last beauty balance post, so now I have 5 items entering. But, I do have empties!


Some of these are a little bit of a spoiler for my project pan but I think it doesn’t matter too much. First of all, the clinique shadow I had depotted and then used as a setting powder for my eye primer is gone. Thank goodness!

I am giving the NYX butter gloss to Miss Butterfly. I don’t like it. I like their intense butter gloss formula but I don’t like this one at all.

I finished up a small size of the belif sleeping mask. It lasted a nice long time, but I don’t feel like it is necessarily so moisturizing that I must have it back in my life. I won’t repurchase.

I also finished another sample size of the belif hungarian water essence. I like this product quite a bit but I don’t feel an overwhelming urge to go get it and bring it home.

I finished a bvlgari perfume sample, it was a nice scent (omnia I believe) but it didn’t stick around all day and I had to reapply. I don’t like doing that, it’s too fussy for me.

I finished a philosophy purity made simple cleanser and I would repurchase this. No time soon because I’ve got cleansers to spare in my collection. But, I did love it! It was gentle and it smelled amazing.

And I finished a sample size of the laneige sleeping mask. I liked this, I liked how it dried down on the skin before heading to bed, but I don’t think it moisturized enough for me to go out and purchase. I am a convert for the lip sleeping mask but this one doesn’t impress me the same way.

So, that’s 7 products out, leaving me 2 products out ahead of what came in. I will have more empties before the end of the month, we aren’t even halfway through the month yet! So, I am again on the right track for this month despite the VIB sale purchases early in the month.