May Mask Challenge week twoish

In the first 5 days of the May Mask Challenge, I masked 3 times, which is really exceptionally good for someone who struggles to manage to do so once every 2 weeks.

Now we are 2 weeks into the challenge so I thought I’d do an update. The mask photo I had chosen to use was one which I had taken in January. So, I pulled out all my masks and mask type products so that I could get an updated photo.


This is my current collection. These are almost all from subscription boxes, the only thing in here that I purchased myself is the peter thomas roth peeling gel. It’s not exactly a mask, but it serves a similar purpose. Basically, like a few other things in the above collection, it is an extra step in my skincare routine which I generally don’t feel like taking. The only exception to this really is the Grown Alchemist product which is an exfoliator that I keep in the shower. I use it about twice a week and there is absolutely visible progress on that tube of product.

After I took this photo I divided out the masks into categories. Anything that was supposed to basically do the same thing as another product, I put the second product away. I think it will be easier to see progress if I just concentrate on a few items at a time. But, that’s what I did yesterday. There was very little rhyme or reason to the masking I did in the second week.

I used the Elemis papaya enzyme peel once, I used the peter thomas roth peeling gel once, and I used the aphrodite olive oil mask twice. I used the grown alchemist product three times and I decided to begin using the Ahava hydration cream mask as a sleeping mask to see if it works fine for that use. Here’s the thing, I finished my FAB overnight cream and hadn’t yet broken into my cerave overnight cream. I just finished a sample size of the laneige water sleeping mask, so I figured that before I broke into that, I’d better use something I already had open. It seems to be working fine for that category in my collection.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to concentrate on the aphrodite olive oil mask, the Ren calming mask, and the amore pacific peel. I’ll continue using the grown alchemist and the ahava products as I currently am. And, I want to use up the tatcha mask before the end of the month. I can get two uses out of that one product so I should probably get on a roll there.

Finally, I am genuinely hoping to finish up one or two of these products completely. We shall see if that can be done in the next two weeks.