That 8 ounces of wool spun up pretty darn quick, and I am not surprised. I was having a great time with it! So now I ply.


And ply and ply and ply. I am only about halfway through at the moment.

I am already wondering what spinning project will be next while not even thinking about working on any knitting. That spinning bug always hits me hard every spring.

We’ve had a slow start to spring around here. Last year we were slow to start and then immediately hit temps in the 100s. This year is a more appropriate slow start. But, it is looking like we will get “spin outdoors” temps happening this week, so if I can make it happen, that’s what I’ll do. Of course, there are other things that need doing as well, things like getting the dogs to the dog park and basic chores. Next week looks to be rain on a fairly consistent basis so it’s tempting to just take advantage of the hot weather and ignore everything else!