3 Looks, 1 Palette

So, I’ve been posting eye looks for a little bit now. I decided it might be beneficial to use one palette at a time and then post 3 looks from that palette. That’s what I’ve decided to do this time.

I chose the Too Faced White Peach palette. This palette caught quite a lot of criticism for it’s lighter tones and subtle eyeshadows. I just don’t think it’s the color payoff most people who are really into makeup are interested in. I am positive it doesn’t work on even medium skin tones, I am pretty light and a number of the shades are almost invisible. But, I would not say it’s much different than, say, boudoir eyes or natural eyes or any of the other more subtle palettes that too faced makes.

Ultimately, I like the palette.


For the record, since it’s pretty hard to see, the lower right colors are “On the Peach” and “Peach Passion.”

For every look I used peach cream to set my primer.

For the first look, I just did the look I’ve been doing repeatedly with this palette. I used peach suede as a transition, sweet fig in the crease, and glistening peach on the lid. Sweet fig under the eye and peach ice on the inner corner. It’s simple, it’s fairly subtle, and it’s easy. Also, very work appropriate.

Let me just make a statement about my skin here. First of all, I took these photos pretty late in the day compared to what I usually do. Also, I had decided to experiment with not setting my foundation and using all cream products. You can see that I am hella greasy. That is not an appropriate technique for my skin. We will not be trying that again any time soon!

Ok, on to the next. On a better skin day. Or, rather, foundation day. For this look I decided after owning the palette for a while, I should perhaps branch out into some of the other colors available. I wanted to go pretty subtle. I used peach sorbet as a transition shade and creme de la peach in my crease. I popped peaches and dreams all over the lid. I used fuzzy under the eye and then used my urban decay metallic gold liner on the inner corner and the waterline.

I ended up super happy with this look, even with my visible mascara smudges. Still learning! In any case, this is absolutely a look I’ll do again.

For look 3, I wanted to explore the darker, cooler tones available in the palette. This time I used sweet fig as a transition shade and crease shade. Then, I wet my brush and used peach passion all over the lid. I ended up intensifying that with using my finger and peach passion, as I wasn’t quite getting the intensity I was after. Then, I wanted to use peach ice as a topper, so I popped peach ice over peach passion on the inner half of my lid. I had to go back and forth a bit with the two colors to create a decent blend of the two toward the middle of the lid.

I then used sweet fig under the eye and peach passion under the eye at the outer corner. I had a TON of fallout with this look, which I cleaned up with a makeup wipe. That’s what creates the almost winged look, it was all in the fallout clean up that this happened. On my inner corner, I used the new ciate london liquid eyeshadow I got in boxy charm. That was rather an intense inner corner and I don’t think I’ll try that again. But, the look itself was great and I will continue with that.

It was fun to challenge myself to use my palette for 3 days in a row and make conscious decisions about what I was going to do and try with it. I think I’ll do that again with my tarte be a mermaid palette. I haven’t used that palette in a good long time now and it would be good to get back to it. I mean, at one time I was trying to pan the entire thing! But that’s gone completely off my radar lately. Between wedding and boredom with using the same palette over and over, I just couldn’t stick it out. And I think that’s fair.