Good Coffee Morning

I’ve been suffering through not great coffee for a few weeks. I decided life is too short to keep suffering, so I asked Mr. Ink to get me better coffee the next time he was at the store. He came home with better coffee on Friday evening. Saturday morning we had to leave really early for the race. I figured I’d keep drinking bad coffee because I wouldn’t have much time to enjoy it anyhow. It was more utilitarian than relaxing at that point. But THIS morning I cracked into my good coffee and I have nothing pressing that I have to go do.

It’s a good morning. For the record, I mixed the bad and good coffee, so hopefully the upcoming week will be more pleasant but I’ll still use up all the coffee I don’t care for.

This weekend I finished my 8 ounces of 2 ply project. I have 1500 yards! That’s certainly enough to do just about anything with!

I am thrilled to pieces with this skein. It’s a huge project but very satisfying. Naturally, I am already on to my next spinning project. Still no knitting in sight, at least at home. But, I have been getting bored enough with spinning from time to time to get regular household chores done. This means the spinning bug is leveling somewhat. For a while there, all I wanted to do was spin. I am thankful that the worst of the obsession has passed.

We went without power for a number of hours yesterday afternoon. No telling why. There was a storm system south of us but I don’t think that could have been it. I think our area was fortunate, as we only went without power a little over 3 hours while many of my local friends suffered more than 6 hours without power. It is so strange just how quiet the house gets when there is no power. We live with so much ambient noise. Meanwhile, the road outside our house gets quite loud, it is heavily traveled and when the stoplights quit working the traffic backs up miserably. I was so glad I had nowhere to be other than home! And, if you have to go without power for a time, better on a day of pleasant weather. In any case, I feel privileged that going without power for a few hours a day is an anomaly enough to complain about, that’s not the case in many parts of the world.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

2 thoughts on “Good Coffee Morning

  1. That yarn! It’s gorgeous! And it must be lace-weight or very light fingering at that yardage! Glad you have better coffee. All is right in the world.

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