Inspired By

I’ve been really inspired by the youtube project pan roulettes that are based on panning eyeshadows. The basic premise is that you write down every single eyeshadow color you own, number them, and then use a random number generator to concentrate on 6 shadows until you hit pan. When you hit pan on one, you use the random number generator to pick the next shadow to roll in. I love this idea, it’s so interesting to me. However, as a newer makeup lover, I have lots of shadows and not many that are close to having pan.

Nevertheless, yesterday I wrote down every single eyeshadow without pan in my collection. Originally I had thought that I would play along with the eyeshadow pan roulette. But I would choose 3 shadows instead of 6. So, I picked my 3 shadows. Then, I thought about it a bit longer and decided that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, I am going to use those 3 shadows to create looks during the week. Then, I am going to roll one out and one in for the next week. This will have me rotating the shadows regularly and getting creative with what looks I can make.

Of course, there will be photos. But first, let’s look at what the random number generator chose for me this week.


The left swatch is a sydney grace single called Just Peachy. The middle is Poppy from Ace Beaute grandiose palette. And the purple is Royalty from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette.

So, it should be interesting to play with these three, add other shadows, and see what I can come up with. I think this will be an enjoyable way to make me think creatively and a great way to stumble through my entire collection.

For the record, I have 233 shadows at the moment. These do not include the shadows that I’ve hit pan on (there are only 3 of those anyhow). So, if I don’t get completely bored with it, this particular challenge could go on for a very long time. I am eager to use the ones I’ve chosen, but there are certainly some colors in my collection I am going to find very difficult to use for 3 weeks at a time! But the point is to play in my collection and think creatively, so I am sure I’ll figure it out.


On to today’s look. For the record, I plan to try to create 3-4 looks per week using these. I want to make sure I am thinking creatively, but I also want to make sure that I have an opportunity to use other palettes in my collection as well. Anyhow, today. I circled in light gray the colors that are in my little challenge. I circled in dark gray the additional colors I used for today’s look.

I started with the lightest shade as a transition and used the brick colored matte in my crease (both circled in dark gray.) Then, I packed Poppy all over my lid. Poppy packed on the eyelid isn’t as punchy as I imagined it would be. I am wondering if giving it a sticky base would have been wiser. I had hoped for a really dark wash of color because I put Just Peachy over the first 2/3 of the eyelid, looking for poppy to darken it up. It didn’t quite work as I’d expected.

Then, I decided I also wanted to incorporate Royal. I have no rule about trying to use all three challenge colors in a look at once, I simply figured I’d try anyhow. I started with the brick colored matte under my eye. Then I used the lightest colored matte to smudge out the brick color. Then I took Royal as an eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. Using a nude or shimmery gold liner on the inner waterline would have been smart but I completely forgot. I do think that it would have really amped up my look. I used the brightener from my cover FX face palette for the inner corner and browbone. I don’t typically use a shimmer on my brow bone, but this look was translating pretty dark and I wanted to brighten it up in some way.

A closing thought from day 1. First of all, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled with some nice high-end eyeshadow palettes. And I’ve ignored my Morphe JH palette completely. Now that I’ve used it, I am absolutely finding that the mattes are harder to blend than the nicer palettes I own. I am going to leave it in the challenge for now, but it is entirely possible that this one may someday get decluttered to Miss Butterfly. Which would please her just fine I am certain, as she’s the one who has gotten the most use out of it up until this point anyhow. That being said, she’s got a pretty hardcore obsession with BH Cosmetics palettes, and she probably doesn’t use this palette that much these days either.

I am truly not sure how I’ll use royalty. this is just not a shadow I have much interest in. I am going to have to come up with something though, as I definitely want to give it a try tomorrow. I also think I’d better add a nude lipstick to my purse if I want to keep playing with shadows this way. I am trying to pan the bite beauty lipstick I am wearing in the above photo, but it’s a bit dark for the dark eye looks.

In any case, that’s the first post of a new challenge I am quite excited about. I am really looking forward to moving through my collection and seeing just how far I get. I have the idea that I need to get this all in an excel spreadsheet so I can delete the shadows I’ve already used. But, that can be a project for another day, there’s no chance of me struggling to get a random number generator to come up with something new for me with 233 shadows to choose from. At least not any time soon.