3 Color Challenge day 3

First of all, let me state for the record that I am currently messing around with how I am taking photos of my eye looks. I have not been happy with what I’ve been doing thus far. The full impact and punchiness of the looks haven’t really and truly shown through. I think this is, in part, the fact that the selfie facing camera on my phone just isn’t good enough. So yesterday I experimented with the mirror and the forward facing camera. After all, I really did want to capture just how cool the pink/gold duo chrome highlighter looked over the purple eyeshadow.

When I got home from work and got changed into comfy clothing to take the dogs for a walk, I wandered into the craft room to see if I could experiment, and here’s what I got.


This is after a workday of wear, but you can certainly see the glitter a bit better.

I experimented a bit more this morning and I will continue to do so in order that these looks come across in more reality than they have been. But, let’s talk about today’s look.

I loved the mac duochrome highlighter so much over the top of the purple that I thought I would try it again today.


This time I used Cinnamon as a transition shade. You might think that looks a little intense for a transition on light skin like mine, and you’d be right. But, I had decided that I would go in very lightly and tap off my brush before blending into my transition area.

Then, I used a dark brown matte shade from my JH morphe palette, once which isn’t pictured. The colorway is called chip. This was for my crease and I did use this in my outer corner as well.

Then, on the inner half of my eyelid I used Poppy and on the outer half of my eyelid I used Royalty. I figured I might as well get some more use out of that purple. Then, I popped the mac highlighter over the entire thing.

Under my eye, I used cinnamon and then I used Royalty at the outer corner as a liner. I used my Cover FX face palette brightener as my inner corner highlight and a nude pencil in the water line.

So, this look is a bit more red and a bit less intense than yesterday, but still quite dramatic. But I like it.

So, that’s it for my 3 challenge looks this week. Since once I get this ball rolling, each shadow will spend a total of 3 weeks in my rotation, I figured the only fair thing to do was to use a random number generator to pick which shadow leaves my collection this round. Turns out, it’s Royalty, and I can’t say I am disappointed about that. But, I have not yet used the random number generator to choose the incoming color for next week. I’ll post that at the beginning of next week.

So that’s a wrap for week one of my little challenge. It was a good time. But, I am looking forward to just using one palette tomorrow morning.


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