May Beauty Balance

Last time I posted a beauty balance post I had 5 items leaving my collection over what entered. Spoiler alert-at the end of this post, this number will remain the same.

I picked up two shampoos in the ulta hair event. Neither of which I’ve tried before.


And, I have two items leaving my collection:


One is a little sample of Replica fragrance which was lovely but didn’t seem to stick around all day, and the other a peppermint body scrub which I didn’t like at all.

It’s the end of May now, and I’ll be doing a final beauty balance post at the end of the month, after I do a project pan update. I don’t believe anything more will enter my collection this month. Next month is a “rough” month, as I receive fab fit fun and boxycharm. But, that’s my last ever fab fit fun box, my subscription has been canceled. That’s one less subscription from my subscription purchasing spree last year. All that is left is boxycharm for June and July and then I have to make a decision, do I want to keep just the one subscription or do I want to move on from them entirely. I think the best thing to do though is to take a break and work through the items in my stash. Then I can revisit if I am ready to subscribe again. But as it stands, I am still 5 items leaving over what has entered and I will definitely have more that will leave my collection at the end of the month.