Lazy Morning

Yesterday I took Miss Butterfly over to Miss Marja’s house so she could help Miss Marja with some chores. This is from an ongoing effort to teach Miss Butterfly the value of hard work and money. In the time which she was assisting Miss Marja, I ran out and ran a bunch of errands. One of the last errands I ran was the one in which I went to the grocery store to pick up some items for Miss Butterfly’s lunches. She likes a particular brand of cold cuts and the store was having a sale, so I purchased that for her. When I arrived home, I realized that someone else’s buttermilk showed up in my grocery bag. So, buttermilk pancakes for us this morning.

Miss Rose is hanging out snoozing on the couch, Lizzie is snoozing on the floor, and Mr. Ink and I haven’t managed much productivity at all this morning after breakfast. I did manage to get a load of dishes run and a load of laundry started, but the state of my home indicates this is a drop in the bucket of what actually needs to be done.

So instead of getting to work around the house, I took a picture for you. I’ve been working on that 10 stitch throw for quite some time now. When I stalled out at home due to my spinning obsession, I brought it to work. Since we have a long weekend, I brought it home again.


It is growing quite a lot! Even though it often doesn’t seem so as I knit and turn and knit and turn and knit and turn and count and knit and turn.

Because this is a bit of a boring project when the turning begins to grate on the nerves, I started another project as well, but I don’t have enough of it to show it off yet. I have some spinning up and running but that isn’t holding my attention either.

We took the dogs to the regular dog park yesterday. Rose was still good and tired from Friday evening’s adventure. She was pretty chill at the dog park. Some running, but definitely not too much good rough play. I was perplexed, but Mr. Ink reminded me that running through a muddy swamp at top speeds takes a heck of a lot more energy than running on regular ground and then I remembered we also had her walk more than 5K to do that swampy running. Here’s how she looked last evening:


She had let out a contented sigh as she fell asleep with her head on the armrest.

In the garden the next thing to bloom turned out to be siberian iris.


They are looking pretty fantastic!

It’s so nice to have a gentle long weekend with no particular plans! We are having some of Miss Butterfly’s friends over this evening for a firepit and a bit of a done with school celebration. It should be fun, and the s’mores on my counter will finally get eaten!



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