3 Color Challenge Week 2

It’s week two of my little self imposed challenge. I used a random number generator last week to discover which eyeshadow would roll out for this week, and the verdict was Royalty, the dark purple shade from last week. This week I used a random number generator to roll in my next shadow, and turns out that’s another Sydney Grace single, this time a very basic matte transition shade. The color is called Dusty Trails. Here’s the color combo I am using for three looks this week.



For today’s look, I decided, since I am home all day, that I wanted to give a try to Ciate London’s Eye Lustre that I got in boxy charm. I’ve tried to use this a couple of ways so far and it’s always too intense and goes creasy on me. I was pretty ready to toss it until I remembered that when I was using a stila liquid eyeshadow I preferred the application of the product with a brush. So, that’s what I decided to try with the eye lustre as well.

I did not use Just Peachy this time, just Poppy and Dusty Trails are represented here. I used dusty trails on my transition area and poppy all over the lid, blending it into the crease. I admit that I got a little carried away and I am pretty sure Poppy overtook the look. I am not sure it’s easy to see much of Dusty Trails. But it is there. It’s also on my undereye. Then, I used the ciate london eye lustre on a packing brush and swiped that thinly on my lid, over the poppy, from the inner corner to the middle of the eyelid. There were moments I felt it needed a little building up, so I went in with an additional coat, but I’ll admit that wasn’t a great thing to do as it tended to try to pull back up and off the eyelid. So, the second layer is trickier than the first. I used my cover fx palette brightener on the inner corner. It seems to have picked up some of the poppy pigment and turned a bit pink. I am not mad about it.

It did really turn down the intensity of poppy, using it with the eye lustre overtop. I see no signs of creasing, so using the brush helped in that way as well. It definitely helps punch up a look a bit and I am glad I discovered a way to use the eye lustre. I’ll have to add it to my list of eyeshadows to pull from!

I am also glad I got an opportunity to give this a try on a day I am not going anywhere, just in case.