Knit, Turn, Nope

I was ridiculously tired of knitting and turning and knitting and turning and counting and knitting and turning.

So I started a new project over the weekend. I pulled out some 2 ply yarn of Miss Marja’s that was in my stash. Originally I attempted to pair it with another color, but in the end just decided I wanted to work with the 2 ply. I looked up a pattern, liked the pattern, and started the pattern. Only to realize I feel certain I’ve knit that pattern before! But, if I have, the project which I knit it does not come to mind.


This is me, too lazy to even take a photo outdoors.

We had really nasty storms Sunday night into Monday. Quite a lot of heavy rain, and a bit of basement flooding. Mr. Ink was up most of the night, and I was up a bit too though he was trying to let me sleep. Turns out the basement flooding was due to a downspout that wasn’t working correctly, so once that was resolved the flooding resolved. Anyhow, point being that we were all a little off on Monday. Even the dogs.

Monday evening our toilet broke. We’ve had it less than a year. Upon further inspection, it is clear that it was installed very poorly by the plumber we used. Thus, Mr. Ink will be calling them in the morning to see if they’ll make it right. But this was certainly not how we wanted to start out our week!

I did very little spinning this weekend, less than half a bobbin. The break was probably a good thing. I did indulge in a little destash shopping for fiber though, as my fiber stash is basically quite low.

That’s basically a quick update on how our Monday went. Relaxing, with a dose of frustration, but basically fine and it wasn’t spent at work which makes even the frustrating parts better.