Spinning a bit

I haven’t been doing a ton of spinning since my last 3 ply project was completed I lost the overwhelming motivation I was having with spinning, and it’s settled into something a little more natural. Which is good. But, I also am coming to the realization that part of the issue is the way I’ve chosen to spin this particular braid.

I went for a slightly thicker than the last two spins single in hopes that I could make a chain ply yarn. I am spinning directly from the braid so there will be long stripes. The thing is, it’s not that fun to manage the colors, moving back and forth on the braid to use up all one color before the next one begins. Also, I am not entirely sure I enjoy chain plying, so I am spinning with hesitation because finishing means chain plying.

But, I rarely chain ply, so it’s entirely possible I like it well enough, I just think I don’t.


In any case, here’s what that spin is looking like at the moment. A dark photo because dark and rain and storms are all we’ve seen for a number of days now. Even when it isn’t raining, it looks like it’s about to.

But I am not bitter.

Looks like today could be sunny. Let’s hope so!