May Beauty Balance wrap up

In my previous May beauty balance post, I had 5 things leaving my collection over what entered and I TRULY anticipated that would stay exactly the same.

It didn’t. And here’s how that went. Ulta put mascaras on sale. And, they gave 5X points on mascara. I am working with Miss Butterfly to get her to understand the value of money, and in doing so I’ve required that she start purchasing the vast majority of her own beauty products. But, when mascara went on sale, I figured I’d pick up some of the Essence mascaras at $3 each in order to bribe her to do work for me. I mean, it’s sort of like paying her. Her first job, which she did wonderfully, was cleaning my makeup brushes. The below photo is 3 more mascaras that I picked up. I’ll definitely use one of them and see if it bothers my sometimes sensitive eyes. The others will either stay in my stash or go to her, depending on her needs/my eyes.


I got one of each of the lash princess line. I also picked up some bare minerals concealer to try, as I’ve heard it is a good one for aging under eyes. We’ll see.

In a previous post, you may remember that I mentioned that if I could get a couple of particular eyeshadow palettes at half price I’d scoop them up? Well, that happened. And that’s how I ended up with two BH cosmetics palettes. Miss Butterfly and I have agreed to share these. Sometimes I get annoyed because when we first started playing with makeup together she would seriously dig into eyeshadow palettes. I ended up really separating out our eyeshadow stash because I couldn’t tolerate spending money on a beautiful palette that I loved only to see it look really trashed and dug into when she wanted to experiment with it. That worked well. And, in the past year, I think she’s gotten a lot better about that. So, we agreed that these BH palettes would be ones we would genuinely share. They are the zodiac palette and zodiac love signs palette. We have been looking at them for ages and neither of us has ever been able to pin down which one we like best. The moment that happened was when we were in a shop swatching them and they were just so gorgeous. I told her that if we could get them half price we’d get them both, and that’s what we did.


So, with the 5 items leaving above what came in from before, I’ve got 6 items coming in, leaving me one short for balance. I can make that up, no problem! Working hard on masks this month really solidified that.


I finished up 3 mask or mask like products, the Ren Calming mask, the Aphrodite deep cleansing mask, and the Grown alchemist face scrub.

I finished up my style sepia eyeliner FINALLY. Though I failed to get a photo before tossing it.

I finished up a sample size of perricone MD sunscreen.

I finished my bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick sample size in color sake.

I am decluttering one of my ofra liquid lipsticks, I’ll give it to Miss Butterfly to see if she wants it. In the collections I purchased for the wedding, looking for the best shade to wear on my wedding day, I ended up with two shades that were very “concealer lips” on me. I decided to keep the darker of the two and let go of this one.

That’s 7 products moving out of my collection, leaving me 6 products leaving over the ones coming in for the month of May.

And now I leave you with the first eyeshadow experiment from the BH palettes. Since I was volunteering yesterday with our local dog rescue, I decided not to use one of the bright colors I am so eager to play with. Instead I kept things pretty neutral. I played with Zodiac Love Signs palette. And grabbed a photo because I really liked the very simple look I created. As a first impressions, I am not at all sad about getting these palettes, what I created was simple, easily blended, and fast!


I also grabbed a photo because I was really loving how smooth my skin was looking yesterday morning. I think my May Mask Challenge was totally working for me. I am thrilled with the results of adding regular masks and treatments to my skin care, and this surprises me, because I went into the project thinking that masks and treatments don’t actually make a big difference. I think I was wrong. I am thrilled with the results and plan to keep it up!