3 Color Challenge week 3

Last week I rolled out the color Poppy from the Ace beaute grandiose palette. It was a deep burgundy and a very good performing shade. That left me with two Sydney Grace singles, color Just Peachy and color Dusty Trails. Now, I had added both BH zodiac palettes to my collection, so I added all those colors into my numbers for the random number generator to choose from, but it didn’t pick as I’d hoped. In fact, it picked my least favorite palette in my collection. It chose a color from my Laura Lee Party Animal palette.

Now, we received this palette right before mega drama that I don’t care in the least about. I didn’t care about this influencer then and I don’t care about her now. Following big, drama fueled influencers are for young people, not people in their 40s. But, I can get behind a colorful palette! Unfortunately, my maybe 3 experiences with the palette proved that it wasn’t a fabulous palette to begin with. But I didn’t declutter it because I really don’t have much in the way of bright neon shades in my collection. Now that it’s part of the challenge, I am not removing it yet, but I do think toward the end of my challenge I will just happily declutter this and if I need bright neon shades I’ll borrow from Miss Butterfly who has the BH cosmetics take me back to brazil palette.

ANYHOW, the point is that I pulled one of the 6 colors from that palette, the shade is called hungover, and it looks like a deep purple in the pan. Here are my swatches:


And here’s a quick photo of all three colors in pan.


So naturally, I figured my first look with this color combo should involve all three colors. And in fact, I just used these three colors. I used Dusty trails as a transition. Then, I packed hung over all over my lid and also blended it into the crease. Then I foiled Just Peachy over Hungover on my lid from inner corner about 3/4 of the way across the lid. Under the eye, I first used dusty trails and then added hungover on the outer corner not even bringing it halfway across. I blended the two together really well. I lined my waterline with my urban decay winterfell snow liner, used a black pencil liner on the upper and lower lash line, and used the brightener from my Cover FX face palette for an inner corner highlight. It blended in with the purple a bit and that wasn’t a bad thing, as it drew the look together pretty well.

I think that I pulled off the look just fine and made it subtle enough to get away with at work. (Not that I truly have anything to worry about.) But, I can tell you that my experience with the color hungover was NOT good. Not good at all. After packing it on, it was easy to see that the color doesn’t translate as a deep purple. The color payoff is, quite frankly, poo. It goes to a pinky red rather than a purple. I can build and build but the extra touch of a brush blends it back to a color that has nothing to do with the color in the pan. I don’t love the look of pinky red tones around my undereye, so even using it as a liner for these three weeks isn’t going to be my favorite option. It could be a VERY long three weeks with this particular color. But, that’s the point of this little challenge for myself, just simply trying to get a better handle on the colors in my collection, get use out of all of them, and challenge myself to think creatively with color. And then, once I’ve used the colors in a particular palette, it’ll be time to actively declutter the palettes that are not getting use and won’t get use in my collection. And I can tell you, that LL party animal palette is already in chopping block danger.

Fun little spoiler though-I am trialing a new foundation in these photos. I picked up something new and drugstore. More about that in an upcoming beauty balance post. But, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to trial a newer foundation, and I am enjoying it.