June Beauty Balance

This is going to be a tougher month, but it’s also my last fabfitfun box and my second to last boxycharm month. So, I just gotta tough it out two more months and I am all good.

So, last month 6 items more left my collection than entered it.

Then fabfitfun arrived, this box was not makeup heavy, it was really skincare product heavy.


These are the items I got from fabfitfun this season. I am eager to try some of it but I am pretty pleased that I am done with this box despite it being a pretty good one! So, that’s 7 items entering, leaving me an item short of balance.

Well, this is going to be a fair amount of spoiling for my project pan, but I think that’ll be ok.


I am decluttering two lip products. I’ve given both to Miss Butterfly. One is a NYX product that seems pretty dried out but she’ll try to make use of it anyhow. The other is a sheer lipstick in red. I tried it on and really didn’t like its look on me. I have some very nice reds that I like far better. And really, I don’t wear reds often.

I finished my coco chanel madamoiselle perfume sample. It’s a fragrance I am quite familar with and regularly love using. But I am not ready to purchase it again.

I finished my charlotte tilbury setting powder sample. To be honest, I ended up scraping this out and putting it in my cover FX powder container. I couldn’t get it to pick up on a brush anymore with all the pan in the little container. I don’t like this product at all really. I know that’s probably an unpopular opinion. But I am glad, because I don’t have to get attached to a very expensive product.

And then there’s the Deva Curl styling cream. Despite no longer having curly hair, I enjoyed using this project quite a lot. It made my hair nice and smooth. But, I am glad I can now move on to something else to try. And I am very glad I can try out a few products this month before rolling in another product to my project.

So that’s 5 out total. Which leaves me 4 items leaving above what was brought in. And at least one of those was a really large product that took me forever to finish! This actually turned out a little better than I expected to be honest. I have a few other things that are pretty close to being done, for certain will get done before the end of the month. I think I am in better shape than I expected.