3 color challenge week 3

OK, two more looks using my colors for my 3 color challenge. The first look is not going to incorporate all 3 colors. And there’s a reason. I wore that purple laura lee palette shadow all day on Monday and by Monday evening I had quite a large allergic reaction on one of my eyelids. Now, this may have been coincidental. I’ve been struggling with allergies a bit in general. It’s the time of the year and spending more time outdoors. And, sometimes when I am struggling with seasonal allergies, my skin has a tendency to overreact to things that it normally wouldn’t care about. Nevertheless, I decided that the next day I would eliminate all newer products from my look, and that included the purple. As well as eyeliners. So, instead, I chose to use the light brown matte transition shade, Dusty Trails, and build on that. Of course I wanted to pull out my new BH zodiac palettes. I used both Capricorn colors in the zodiac love signs palette. The matte in my crease and the shimmer all over the lid. Under the eye I used the matte shadow. I used the highlighter in the middle of the palette for an inner corner highlight. Here’s where that all ended up.

I was feeling playful and really loved those aqua colors so I went for it. But, what happened that was a huge surprise was I ended up having to step in and interview a higher level candidate that I was not expecting to be involved with in any way. So, messy bun and blue eyeshadow. Probably could have been worse, but I am not sure how. It’s been one of those weeks where things are just like that in general. Everything keeps going sideways.

OK, on to the third day of the 3 color challenge. I decided to go for all three colors in a look again. I began with Dusty Trails as a transition shade. Then I pulled out my new BH Zodiac palette and used the matte purple Gemini color for my crease. Despite really not wanting to use it, I added hungover to the very outer corner of my mobile lid. I definitely would have preferred to use another Zodiac palette color, but that doesn’t work with my challenge. It was as bad as the first time, or worse. Patchy, completely unblendable, and when it fell down my face it was hard to remove with a makeup wipe despite the fact that I didn’t have any other makeup on my face. Then, I used Just Peachy all over my lid. For my undereye, I used Dusty Trails and then the BH matte purple. I lined with a dark purple Urban Decay eyeliner, highlighted the inner corner with the highlighter from the zodiac palette.

And here’s the look of the day. You get a little bit of a bonus as Miss Butterfly took my closed eye look for me since we were at the orthodontist and had a little extra time.

That’s a wrap for week 3, and we roll out the Just Peachy shade this week and roll in something new next week.



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