Spinning, garden, dog park, bike ride

I guess you could say this is a weekend update!

I got some spinning done last evening and got it washed and dried today. 260 yards of worsted weight chain ply yarn.


It’s definitely pretty!

Went for a bike ride with Miss Marja this morning. We did not encounter any condescension or anything irritating, it was a perfectly pleasant ride in every way. Of course, we were riding a completely different trail too, so that could have been what was going on. It was packed with cyclists. I don’t get out on that trail that early typically, and it was nice to be out, get the great exercise and company in, and then come up and grab a shower.

One might have thought that I’d then just stay out of the heat, but I took the dogs to the dog park. We went yesterday after work and again today. It’s hot, so once Rose does a bunch of running, we then spend time in the shade. Here are a bunch of photos of the dogs desperately attempting to beat the heat.

Rose is pretty happy to get her running in though, and she’s so much more chill at home in the morning if she’s been to the dog park the day before.

Our garden is really taking off and it’s just beautiful. It may have been a slow start to our spring but that slow start has made everything look particularly gorgeous! So, also, enjoy some garden photos.

Tomorrow Miss Butterfly heads off to camp for 4 weeks. She’ll be home for 24 hours to wash her clothing and get a solid night of rest each weekend, but we’ll turn back around and get her back out to camp again soon after. 2 of the weeks she’s doing her ranch camp, and two of those weeks she’s doing her volunteer work. She’ll have a great time, she’ll be very tired, and she’ll learn so much. It’ll be good. And I’ll have to get used to doing my own chores again for a bit.

That’s about it from here, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


4 thoughts on “Spinning, garden, dog park, bike ride

  1. Sounds a busy weekend already! Your spinning is pretty, and so is the garden. Sorry it’s so hot there, though. Maybe you should come to Maine while Miss B is at camp. We could have fun knitting and spinning, it’s much cooler!

    • Hah! Funny you should say that. We DID decide to go on a “surprise” honeymoon durng the time Miss B is away. But we are planning to go somewhere guaranteed to be hotter than here. New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

      • Lol great minds!

        That WILL be hot. And humid! But so pretty and fun. Hopefully the flooding will be done and all will be normal while you are there.

        You two will have fun exploring and enjoying the music and good food!

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