3 Color Challenge week 4

And it’s a challenge indeed. We dropped the Sydney Grace Just Peachy shimmer out of the running and I ended up rolling in a color from my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. This seems perfect, except that I ended up with the black color. Which isn’t that wearable for me.

It’s the color called Tempting. The fact that I have to live with both the black and the awful purple from the Laura Lee palette, together, for the next two weeks is just painful.

I end up rolling the random number generator over the weekend so that I can think through my looks for the upcoming week. I try to think creatively. But, I am failing on this one so far. Any creative look I think through ends up being something that I’d really be pushing the boundaries of what I should be trying to get away with at work, and I am just not feeling that right now. I considered trying to get out ahead of that this weekend by doing the first look over the weekend, but the reality of my busy but enjoyable weekend meant that I wasn’t wearing makeup, as I was too busy being active and too warm to keep makeup on my face.

So, at least for today, I went for a neutral look. I am presenting some training at work and while I am known for being daring and a little out there with makeup/hair/clothing/etc I know when it is also professionally appropriate to rein it in.

I’d been itching to use my Sweet Peach palette anyhow, so this was a good opportunity to do so.


First, I used Dusty Trails from Sydney Grace as my transition shade. Then, I used Charmed, I’m Sure as my crease shade. I used Delectable on the outer corner of my mobile lid and then used Bellini all over the mobile lid.

Then, to draw in the two colors I really don’t feel like using, I lined the upper lash line with Tempting and lined the lower lash line with the purple, hungover, from the Laura Lee palette. I used Dusty Trails to smudge out that purple a bit, and then highlighted my inner corner with the brightener from the Cover FX palette.

And that was that. Day 1 of my 3 color challenge.

I am also intending to challenge myself to get up early and ride my bike to work from time to time. That will mean no makeup on those days. If I can bring myself to do it, these challenges will get even more challenging. We shall see….