3 Color Challenge week 4

This second look for the week went from “working with what I chose” to “learning to work with shadows that are inferior” themed.

I know I’ve complained quite a lot about the purple “hungover” in the Laura Lee party animal palette. I am kind of annoyed I have to spend 3 weeks with it while it is a terrible shadow. This is week 2. And this is the point where I learned to use it in a manner that works for it. It didn’t work in the manner I was expecting, so I changed my expectations of it.

I began as usual, with the Sydney Grace single Dusty Trails as my transition shade. Then, instead of asking Hungover to be a color with a good amount of color payoff, I instead asked it to be a crease and outer corner shade. I blended it. Since it wants to blend to mostly nothing but a pinky purple shade, I figured I’d just let it be what it keeps wanting to be. I was amazed at how well it worked! Then, I decided I’d pull shimmer shades out of my BH zodiac palette, since that’s so new to me.


That’s the palette on the bottom. I decided to start with covering my mobile lid with the Libra shimmer. This made for a rather monochrome look, as that libra shimmer really is the shade that hungover becomes when blended out. I wanted to pump up the dimension, so I pupped the cancer shimmer shade on the center of the mobile lid. Under the eye I used Dusty Trails and then I lined with my third challenge color, the black called Tempting from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I lined the outer corner bottom and top and smudged that out a bit. I forgot to do an inner corner highlight. I am quite pleased with the look and will likely do something similar again tomorrow, choosing a different shimmer to pair with the crease and transition shade of today.

I really can’t believe that this turned out so well. But, that’s entirely the point of this little challenge for me. To concentrate on what I have, to learn to work with it, and to truly know and understand the colors that are in my collection.


It may be boring, but what I did this morning is very similar to what I did in look 2. I started with the same exact base but changed up my shimmer color. I decided since look 2 is quite cool toned, I would see what happened if I used a warmer toned shimmer today. I ended up using the gold Cancer shimmer from the zodiac love signs palette. (The top palette in the palette photo above.) I also tried to wing out the sides a bit as well, just for a different look.

Everything else remained much the same though this time I did remember to highlight my inner corner, I used a regular higlighter in my collection for that.

So, that’s that, another week complete. I am glad that after 2 weeks I’ve managed to learn to work with the purple shadow I originally thought was worthless. I am not eager to spend another week with it and a black shadow, but it will be interesting to see what rolls in next week. I do want to try a look next week that incorporates the black shadow as a lid base to intensify another color, I’ve never done that before. I’ll give it some thought this weekend.