3 Looks 1 Palette Tarte Be a Mermaid

I’ve had the Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves palette for more than a year now. It was a spring 2018 limited edition palette and I’ve been ridiculously happy with it. I wanted to pan it and I used it very regularly for a long time, but then realized that I also wanted to play with the rest of my collection so that went by the wayside. That’s ok, while it is the oldest palette in my collection, it is by no means old. I’ve got plenty of time to play with it and also the rest of my collection.


Here’s what it was looking like in my last pan that palette update. It hasn’t changed much since then, though there’s a more significant dip in shipwreck. However, I see no point in getting a new photo up when I can use this one, and the names on this photo are fairly clear.

While lagoon and splash are fairly intense colors, I really enjoy wearing bubbles. It’s a duochrome which shifts brick colored and light blue. When I was panning this palette, I tended to wear it on Friday. For the first look on this post, I used sandbar as a transition, shipwreck in my crease, and bubbles all over the lid. I used sandbar under my eye as well, since shipwreck in that area tends to make me look a little ill. I used nude beach on my inner corner (very top shadow).

I also lined with a nude liner on my waterline and I used a navy liner under the eye. It’s surprisingly subtle for a duochrome, but the brick color is far more visible in person than I can get it to show in a photo.

Next look. This one ends up being a go to neutral look that I have used over and over with this palette. despite this, it doesn’t really look like I’ve dipped that hard into the two shades I use for it. But, I have used these two shimmers more than any other shimmers in the palette.

I start with the same sandbar and shipwreck as above. Then, I go in with fin-tastic on the outer eyelid half and salt water on the inner half of the eyelid. Under the eye I used a combo of sandbar and shipwreck again. Then I take nude beach on the inner corner. It’s a simple and pretty fast look and it translates as neutral on the eye despite looking somewhat colorful in the pan.

Look 3:

I admit that since I began my 3 color challenge, this particular post has gone by the wayside, it’s taken me a long time to complete! But, this morning I pulled out my palette again looking for a fairly neutral but bright look. I am interviewing a candidate today and wanted to make sure to keep it professional. In this case I used sandbar as my transition shade and shipwreck in my crease and outer corner. Then I went in with frose all over the lid. This is the bright peachy shade. I highlighted my inner corner with nude beach. Then, I used sandbar under my eyes. I popped a nude liner in my waterline and then used a teal liner to line the bottom and top outer half of my eyelids. I believe the pop of teal really sets off the blue in my eyes and I really enjoy this look.

I think it’s unlikely that I’ll do many more of these 3 looks from one palette posts for awhile. I have enough trouble getting to my 3 looks from my challenge during the week. And at this time, I am really enjoying that challenge.

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