June Beauty Balance

Since it’s my last opportunity to do so, I upgraded my boxycharm subscription to boxyluxe. I’d been paying attention to the spoilers and I was very impressed with the items contained in the box. Next month is my last boxycharm, I’ll be taking a nice long break while I work through the backstock of cleansers and masks and makeup items I’ve amassed through my subscription box year.

So, here are the consumable items that I received in my boxyluxe this month:


I was super excited to get the Living Proof volume spray as I am completely addicted to my Moroccan oil one and I am eager to try another. Contained in this box was yet another cleanser and yet another primer and yet another mascara. These are all items which it’s easy to overload on in subscription boxes. There’s also another spray, and I’ve never had many sprays in the past but this month I’ve got plenty. I got a lip gloss, I got a face palette, and I got the one thing I was most eager to receive-the farmacy honeymoon glow serum. This is really why I upgraded my box in the first place, that serum is one I’ve wanted to try for quite some time. I am going to be using it every other day quite consistently to see if it’s as good as I imagine it could be.

So, during the last post, I was 4 items leaving over what was incoming. Now I am 4 items incoming over what is leaving.

And, I don’t currently have any empties to balance that out.

But, I also don’t anticipate any purchases for the rest of this month either, so I’ll see where I am at the end of the month again. I am pretty close to being done with a couple items, and that will be helpful.

Thoughts on boxyluxe-this was a great box to upgrade with. I really feel that the overall value was high on this one and I don’t see anything I am unlikely to use. If there’s anything I move on from my collection, it’ll be the lipgloss. But, that would just go to Miss Butterfly and get used up perfectly easily anyhow. If I were to choose any of the subscription boxes I’ve tried in the past year, I’d stick to boxycharm. I do believe that I have typically gotten a high value of things I want to use out of that subscription in particular. The only reason, truly, that I am ready to finish up next month is the overwhelmed feeling I am getting when I look at all the backstock I’ve accumulated.

And that should be all for beauty balance from me until the end of the month.