Reboot Weekend

It seems clear that Mr. Ink and I are both quite exhausted. While we have gotten quite a lot accomplished this weekend, we’ve struggled to motivate in general. And, each accomplishment is peppered by exhaustion and naps. Miss Butterfly came home for 24 hours before heading back to camp, so we did all the camp laundry and repack. We got some errands run and grocery shopping done. Dogs made it to the dog park. The lawn has been mowed and trimmed. Basic household weekend chores have been done. And, the detail planning for an upcoming trip was worked on. But it’s been tough to even get to those things. I’ve felt a bit foggy all weekend.

Much of our issues seem to be work-related stresses which we can’t really do much about. Except for taking time to relax on the weekend. I finished up a bit of spinning but haven’t really been eager to start more. So I’ve mostly been knitting.

I am still working on the 10 stitch throw out of handspun. Trouble is, I ran out of the yellow and purple handspun I was using. I wanted the throw to be larger, and I knew I had a similar color in my handspun stash. The one I added in is from a batt and it’s a 2 ply instead of a 3 ply, but it’s reasonably similar in yarn weight. A little thicker overall, but I am hoping it will be ok. The batt had the exact same purple color, the exact same yellow color, but also a lighter yellow and a lot more white. And speckles of fun colors. I tried to blend it by doing an every other row situation, but that turned out rather striped. The outside of the throw will be lighter but I am hoping it’ll end up blending nicely and looking ok.


You can see the striped area at the top of the photo. But, after that, it seems like it’s blending in pretty well. In throw form, it shouldn’t be too noticeable I don’t think.

I am close to being done with my work project, a scarf, it should be done this week. I’ve got 3 christmas stockings to make this year and the yarn for them just came in. So, this week is for beginning the christmas stocking work.

Since I am too foggy to figure out what more to write, here we are at the end of this blog post! Hope everyone is having a lovely, and less foggy weekend.