3 Color Challenge week 6

It’s another week, so it’s another color rotated in and out of my 3 color challenge. Since these are chosen randomly, I have no actual control over what I end up with. And this week it’s a bit disappointing because I rolled out a dark purple and desperately hoped for something light and interesting. It was not to be. I rolled in another dark color, giving me three dark colors at once.


3 dark sparkly colors at that! We’ve got the two that are in there from last week, Too Faced Sweet Peach color Tempting and BH cosmetics zodiac Love Signs palette, the sparkly Sagittarius color. And what rolled in? Urban Decay born to run palette color Drift, the color at the top.

I think I’ve decided this week that I am going to just use each color separately combined with the palette colors it is contained in. I’ve been itching to use my born to run palette more, and even brought it on vacation. But, the heat and humidity of Louisiana and our outdoorsy nature made me feel like makeup was pointless and I didn’t wear any after the day we arrived.

born to run

Here’s my previous photo of the palette. I’ll get a better photo at some other point, but this’ll have to do for now. We’ll have to ignore the circles for the most part. Here’s what I did this morning. I used Riff (light blue circle) as a transition shade and Good as Gone as a crease shade. Then, I put drift in the outer corner of the mobile lid. On the inner 3/4 of the mobile lid I put Ignite (yellow circle). Under the eye I used Riff all over and Drift out the outer corner. I ended up lining my waterline and inner corner using my UD metallic gold eyeliner and called it good.

Turned out fine, perhaps not my most inspired or interesting look but that’s ok!

You know, I received this palette for my birthday back at the beginning of December. And in all honesty, I just haven’t spent the amount of time with it that I want to. I love the color story and I love how there’s a nice spread of warms/cools/colors/neutrals. I think they did a bang up job with this palette. And yet, I still don’t feel like I KNOW this palette at all. That’s pretty sad. But, I will say that every time I’ve used it, I’ve loved it. So, hopefully having one color in this challenge for 3 weeks in a row will help me get a bit more accustomed to the palette in general.