Team Project Pan June update

I’ve just finished another month of work on my year-long team project pan. This is the point at which I get to roll in new products as a seasonal refresh. I am eager to do that! But, because I’ll be doing a refresh, I’ll split this into two posts. Today we’ll just look at where I am after this past month. This was a really good finishing month! I am tempted to imagine that many products need 6 months consistent use to finish up, when in my collection. There are many things I was so eager to remove from my collection that I didn’t save them, rather added them directly to my beauty balance posts and then let them go.



As you can see, I used up two perfume samples this month.

I finished up the sample of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, which I have always really enjoyed. I used to wear it regularly in my 20s, and while it’s not one I really want to own again, I certainly loved the scent during the time I was working through the sample. I also used up the Versace Bright Crystal. This one was easy to use because the scent did not stay with me all day. I ended up putting it in my handbag and refreshing it midday since I couldn’t get it to stick around.

Thankfully there’s nothing rolling in for the fragrance this month, I did not get any fragrance samples because I didn’t really order anything online to receive any samples. This is a great relief to me.



I finished up the cover fx blurring primer. There was soooo much left in the container once I cut it that it took me more than half the month to finish. I really enjoyed this primer so I didn’t struggle at all to keep using it almost daily over almost 6 months of use.

Deva Curl styling cream-I was so eager to get this all used up, but when I was finished, I struggled to find another product that really tamed down the frizz like this did. So, despite the fact I never would have imagined it, this might be a someday repurchase. Not now though, I still have quite a few hair products to get through.

I finished up my Charlotte Tilbury setting powder sample. I ended up scraping it and crushing it and adding it to my cover FX setting powder container as it was not useable once that pan in the sample became too large.

I have been quite enjoying the cover FX setting powder and progress has continued on that as well.

I made steady progress on the IT cosmetics illuminating CC cream, but it didn’t end up showing when I tried to mark it. I have used this almost daily except for while on vacation. I made no progress on the bare minerals powder foundation or serum concealer.

I am rolling out the IT cosmetics cc cream and I am rolling out both bare minerals products. I’ll need to also choose a new hair product and primer. The only thing that stays is the cover FX setting powder.



I made a bit of progress on my sleek contour palette, even hitting side pan, and a nice amount of progress on my cover FX palette. I have decided that finishing powders are absolutely for me, I love how they make the rest of the powder face products look seamless and blended together. But, I am rolling out the cover FX palette. I’ll leave the sleek palette and continue to use it.



I made so little progress on the liquid lipstick. Steady progress on the tarte amazonian clay blush, steady progress on the IT cosmetics brow pencil, and steady progress on the mac paint pot. I barely used the bite beauty lip mask, I just don’t need it right now. I also barely touched the flower beauty lipstick in coral crush or the peach colored eyeshadow. The only things that will stay next month from this batch is the mac paint pot, the lip mask, and the it cosmetics eyebrow pencil.


And finally, we have my MUFE artist color pencil that I’ve been making some progress on.


The progress was minimal. To be honest, I haven’t been using any lip pencils lately. It’s been one step too much. But, I guess you can see a spoiler that I plan to roll in another one in the project refresh.

It’s been a steady progress type of month, and one where many larger items got finished up after almost 6 months of use. I am very very eager to do my project refresh though, I want to be using some other items! 3 months on color products is definitely pushing my boredom limit.

Are you working on a team project pan? Do let me know, I definitely want to come check it out!