June Beauty Balance Finale

In the last post, I was 4 items incoming over what had left my collection. That was a bit of a disappointment to me, but I was also fairly sure I could make that up during the rest of the month. While I didn’t actually wear that much makeup between that post and the end of the month, I did still manage to find a few items to leave my collection.


First of all, there’s the Lash Renegade mascara, it’s purple. I used it a couple times, but it’s almost a year old now and I am ready to let it go.

The Versace Bright Crystal perfume sample was lovely but didn’t stick on my skin. I wouldn’t purchase.

I have been working on the Cover FX blurring primer all year, and I’ve really enjoyed my time with it. It’s a very nice primer! I have a lot of other primers to work through before I would purchase this one, but it’s a possible repurchase. I think I’ve probably got more than a year of primers already in my collection.

The Farmacy Clean Bee cleanser was very nice! I don’t love the delivery system, the bottle got pretty gross and leaked if turned on its side. But the cleanser was just fine. The only reason I wouldn’t purchase this is because it’s a pricey item and again, I’ve got enough cleanser to get me through a year or more before I will need to purchase again.

I used up a sample of Briogeo leave in conditioner. I’ve got two more of these, in larger sizes, in my collection. I am not sure it does a ton for my hair, but it’ll be fine to use them up. I have plenty of leave in conditioner in my collection as well, so again, I wouldn’t repurchase just because of that.

And, then there’s the blue hair dye. Mr. Ink used this for his mohawk when we attended the 80s party in February. Of course, not much dye is needed for a mohawk and I always said I’d use this on my hair. But, I didn’t figure doing so before the wedding would be good. So, I waited for the honeymoon! I think blue hair for a New Orleans honeymoon was perfect. It is steadily fading from my hair. I am hoping my grey will go back to normal, but if not, I’ve been contemplating cutting my hair at the end of summer anyhow. So, we shall see how that all pans out.

In the end, that’s 2 items leaving my collection over what entered it. Not too bad for a beauty balance month.

I did end up with a few things entering my collection from our honeymoon, but since I didn’t pay for any of them, I’ve decided just to not count them on either end. The first hotel we stayed in had some nice bath and bodyworks shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. I used them there and then took them with me because I enjoyed them quite a bit. And, I got two fancy handmade soap samples from an extremely talented New Orleans soap maker and salesperson. Her hustle was real and intense. It was a very interesting experience. I do like the soaps so I will use them up, but I wasn’t about to be forced into purchasing them because she forced a sample on me! Anyhow, all those will be fairly short-lived in my collection and I’ll move them on without counting them on either end. But I am glad to have all of them.