Team Project Pan quarterly refresh

I have to admit that the quarterly refresh on this year-long project pan is absolutely what holds the project together. I definitely begin to get antsy about 2 months into a set of products, and what carries me through is knowing that in a month I’ll be able to change out everything I am bored with.

So, first off, no change on fragrance samples, there’s nothing to roll in.



My Cover FX setting powder remains in this quarter. At this point, I am adding in a primer and a hair care item, and also switching out my foundation. The primer I am going to work on this quarter is the becca ever matte primer. I’ve had this in my stash for about a year but never tried it. If I don’t like it at the end of the month, I’ll declutter. I think this is a fair rule for something I’ve never tried before.

The hair item I am adding is Verb Sea texture cream. I like this a little bit, but not much. I can use it about once a hair wash cycle, typically on second-day hair. After that, I need other products to keep my hair looking nice.

The foundation is the IT cosmetics matte cc cream. I plan to combine this with another foundation in my stash, so it may be slow going but I am happy to be able to work on it.

I’ve decided not to bother with adding a concealer. I have only 3 anyhow, and I don’t really need to pan them.

I am, however, adding a facemask this time. I have this glamglow supermud facemask sample and I’d like to get it used up. I only use this in my Tzone and only in the hotter months. So, now is the time! There’s not terribly much left but I haven’t been using it at all so I feel like throwing it in this quarter will help me remember to get it used up and out of my collection. After all, I have plenty of face masks, and plenty of mud masks I enjoy more than this one.


I am adding in my Too Faced Natural Face palette for this quarter. I love these tones on my face in the summer in particular. The Sleek Contour Palette remains. I doubt I’ll hit pan on anything in the Too Faced palette, but I am eager to get some steady use on it. Since it has two blushes, I won’t roll in a separate blush this quarter.


I am keeping my bite beauty agave lip treatment, I am keeping my mac paint pot, and I am keeping my IT cosmetics eyebrow pencil.

For lip products, I am going to add in my orange NYX liquid suede lipstick. It’s a great summer shade and I like the formula well enough. For a bullet lipstick, I am choosing my hourglass sample. It’s a fantastic nude color and will go beautifully with anything I wear. And, since it gives me a slightly sore throat feeling that happens with many lipsticks, I want to use it up and get it out of my collection. I am also adding in a nudestix matte lip pencil. I don’t like the formula on this all that much, but it’s a pretty warm toned color and I would like to get it used up and out of my stash.

I’ve added a highlighter I’ve been working on panning on the down-low. As you can see, I am almost done with it. It is benefit dandelion twinkle and it was one of my first highlighters. I really like this one but since I depotted it, it doesn’t have a proper place in my collection and it’s so close to being done! I also added an eyeshadow I’ve been panning on the down-low. That’s a Morphie shade, a cream matte, and I’ve been using it to set my base. I think I could get both of these used up this quarter.

And finally I am adding in a sample size eyeshadow primer sachet. Since I am finding it relatively irritating to keep sachets around, I figure I can get this used up this quarter and then continue on with my mac paint pot.


I am keeping my MUFE lip liner in the project, but I am adding a more appropriately colored liner for my NYX  lip cream and nudestix lip items. And, that’s a NYX item as well, NYX Suede liner in stockholm. It’s an orangier toned lip liner than the MUFE so I think it’ll be appropriate to add in this quarter.

And, that’s it. My quarterly refresh is now squared away and I can get started on all of these items. You may notice I didn’t choose a colored shadow to work on this quarter. This is entirely because I am so enjoying my 3 color challenge each week and I don’t think I’d make much progress on one.