3 Color Challenge week 7

Yeah, I am a bit behind still due to vacation and trying to get these all in so that I can get back on schedule.

I drew a new color for my 3 color challenge, and it turned out to be Hype from my Tarte Pro to Go mini palette.


It’s the shimmery champagne color at the bottom left. Lined up with the two colors still in my challenge, it swatches like this:


I am ridiculously happy to be incorporating a lighter and very versatile shade into the next 3 weeks. As a kick off to this, I decided to only use the Tarte Pro to Go palette for my first look this week. After all, I haven’t worn a light and natural look for the challenge at any point. We started right in with big, bold, dramatic colors and it hasn’t stopped since.

Now, I’d also say that while I’ve used this palette a few times, I don’t know it all that well. The mattes are extremely powdery. I’ve experimented with it almost not at all, and this is partly because it’s so neutral overall. I just tend to enjoy experimenting more than I enjoy neutral looks. I got this in a subscription box which explains why it is in my collection in the first place.

So anyhow, I had thought that the color drive was pretty light in tone and might work ok as an all over setting color. It was not so. It’s most decidedly a transition color. So that’s what I used. I put crisp in the crease. I used hype on the mobile lid, inner half and then blended that into boss which I used on the outer half. I used drive and crisp under the eye. I used a nude liner for the water line and my UD gold shimmer pencil as an inner corner highlight. (This is becoming an all too easy theme around here, I should begin to think out of the box.)

The resulting look is neutral and pairs well with one of my orange toned lipsticks I’ve got in my project pan this quarter. Much better than the cool toned previous looks.

It’s been a very busy week and I do believe I needed this easy look this morning.

For the next two looks, I really will try to incorporate the other two dark colors. I am eager to pair this light color with looks from the UD Born to Run palette in particular!