A Little Knitting

When we headed to Louisiana, I started a new project. I wanted something that would take a nice long time, and I wanted something with an easy to memorize pattern. I ended up choosing the Holey Square Shawl pattern. Mostly stockinette interspersed with rows of deliberately created holes. I chose a handspun laceweight singles yarn to work with as I suspected that the rows of stockinette would be more pleasant with a little bit of color variety.

Upon our return, the obsession did not leave. I should have left this project for our next vacation as well, but I did not! I will have to find something else that is equally perfect vacation knitting. Because I am getting closer and closer to being done with this one.


This is a very very wide shawl, and I suspect that it won’t be very long once it is done. Or rather, once I run out of yarn. It would have been wise to remove some of the width stitches. Maybe I will for a next one. But for this one, I think that the shawl will be easily worn doubled over into a triangle, and that should mix up the various colors as well.

I’ve enjoyed this rather boring knit quite a lot and it has served its purpose very well in my life. I plan to just keep plugging away at it until it is complete.

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