3 Color Challenge week 7

For the second look in this challenge week, I decided I wanted to mess around a bit more with my UD Born to Run palette. But, I also wanted to incorporate the champagne shimmer from the Tarte Pro to Go palette.

born to run


I guess I’ve failed to take a new Born to Run palette photo without the circles, so we’ll have to ignore them. For this look, I built it backward. I am experimenting with my sample size of the Pur eyeshadow primer. It’s very sticky, almost to the point where it is tough to even set the primer with a powdery shadow. So, I decided to build backward, trying to stick the eyelid colors down first then blend out the rest of the look.

I began with Drift from the UD palette, setting that on my outer corner mobile lid. Then, I used Wanderlust (pink circle) in the center of the mobile lid. Then I used Hype from the tarte palette on the inner 1/3 of the mobile lid. It took a bit of blending to get everything to be nicely squared away and the colors playing together.

Then, I used Hell Ride (purple circle) in my crease and Still Shot (The one above the yellow circle) as a transition. Under my eye I used Tarte palette colors. I put drive on the lower lashline and stylin on the outer corner of the lower lashline. In the inner corner I used my UD gold metallic eyeliner and I used a nude liner on my waterline.

While building this look I was fairly displeased. I thought it didn’t blend together nicely and I was irritated at the shadow primer I’d used. But, after I took a photo I realized that there really was a nice transition from light to dark across the eyelid and it has a fair amount of dimension. I will say that Drift faded out very quickly, and I actually think that helped the look a ton. It’s just a light charcoal grey on the outer corner now, rather than a super dark charcoal shimmer. This would not impress me much if I were trying to get it to look like it does in the pan, but for the purpose of this look, this was a happy accident.

Look 3:

Since I haven’t used my BH Zodiac Love Signs palette for the Sagittarius shimmer color yet this week, I figured it was time to do so.


Now, it’s no secret that I love yellow eyeshadow. That new colourpop yellow palette is calling my name in a very big way! But, I haven’t even messed around with the yellows in this palette yet! So, I figured I would do so for my third look this week.

I began with the matte Cancer shade as a transition. I added the matte Leo shadow to the crease. Then, I packed the shimmer Sagittarius shadow all over my mobile lid. Since I definitely wanted to lighten the look and tie together the yellow and the navy blue, I popped the shimmer Cancer shade over the Sagittarius shimmer in the middle of the lid as a spotlight.

Under the eye I used the matte Leo and Cancer shades. Then, I used the shimmer Sagittarius shade as a liner on my lower lash line at the outer corner. To tie in another color, I used Hype from the Tarte pro to go palette as an inner corner highlight.


I lined my waterline with my Urban Decay gold metallic shimmer pencil. And that was that. I like the look quite a bit!

It’s actually softer and less dark and smokey than I imagined it being. I did use the Sagittarius shimmer a bit more lightly than I’d done in the past weeks. That really helped. And using the gold shimmer on top helped as well. That’s it for this week, we should be back on schedule next week!

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