26th Stocking

If you’ve been following along on my blog for any amount of time, you will already know that I knit these huge christmas stockings for family members, particularly new additions to the family. But, I will also knit them as requested when a family with a newer member who already has a stocking wants to match their own stockings to the child. I’ve knit so many of these over the years. In fact, the stocking I finished today is my 26th. It was requested that I create two more this year, and then I decided to create one for our home as well. I had one that I didn’t love, and I donated that to our dog rescue for a charity auction.

So, quite frankly, we are going to see at least 3 stockings this year and this is the first of those.


It is the first, and it is also the first in which I made an egregious error! On the 26th stocking, I switched up the pattern. The band closest to the heel is supposed to be the second section, not the third. But it looks fine, so I continued on as I was many rows in before I figured out I’d made such a mistake.

I’ve already begun the next one, in navy. With this one, I am at 55% of my yearly project goals. While I find these stockings fairly tedious these days, they are also pretty fast overall. I am working on these during work lunch breaks so that I am getting to them consistently and they don’t wander into hibernation, but also are worked on in small chunks so I don’t get burned out either. It seems to be going well so far!